The SSIAD of Saint-Martin-de-Londres participated in the film “Aidant, aided – corps à cœur engaged”

The teams of the SSIAD of Saint Martin of London, establishment AÉSIO Santé, have
worked with the association Nos Mémoires Vives on the film “Aidant, aided – corps à
shared heart.

Users of the Saint Martin de Londres SSIAD took part in the documentary “Helping, helped – shared heart body” which will be screened on Thursday October 6, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the Saint Martin de Londres cinema, located in Place de la Mairie.

Through this film, they share their realities and truths on a theme little known to the general public. This participation is part of the continuity of the work that the SSIAD carries out on caregivers. This photographic and sound documentary by Pauline Orain and Sarah Desteuque sheds light on this unique relationship between the carer and the person being helped. A dive into a daily life shared by 11 million French people.

The film covers the following themes:

  • – What is a helper?
  • – How do we live the fact of being helped?
  • – How does the intimate relationship that binds the carer and the cared-for evolve with the progress of the addiction and/or the disease?

Entry is free and open to all. Discover the trailer on the website:

Helping, helped – body to shared heart.

AESIO Health

Treat, Support, Innovate

AESIO Santé, a major health mutual player in France, offers, through nearly 200
health establishments, an offer of care and services, adapted to each territory:
– Health: surgery, medicine, oncology, follow-up and rehabilitation care,
home hospitalization, radiology, health center, dental
– Medico-social: care for the elderly, disabled, early childhood,
personal services
– Goods and services: pharmacies, optical centers, hearing aids, general orthopedics and
medical material.
– Innovation, research and development

5100 healthcare professionals

On a daily basis, 5,100 health professionals invest in caring for, accompanying, supporting and providing their patients, residents and customers with ever more innovative solutions.
Faced with the challenges of our society, aging of the population, development of chronic diseases, scarcity of public finances, the mutualist group pursues its ambition to promote access for all to quality care. For this and concretely, the teams work on the ground to:
– Develop e-health to facilitate access to specialists remotely or benefit from tools
based on artificial intelligence to identify and prevent frailty
– Create local health centers in areas affected by desertification
– Optimize care pathways, avoid breaks in care and hospitalizations
– Experiment with new support and tools to provide new solutions
in the support and care of patients
So many projects that reinforce the ambition of AÉSIO Santé: to offer a global offer,
innovative and differentiating on the health market, in addition to the insurance activities of Aesio mutual.

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The SSIAD of Saint-Martin-de-Londres participated in the film “Aidant, aided – corps à cœur engaged”

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