The VINIF Fund offers 360 postgraduate scholarships in 2022

The Vingroup Innovation Fund (VINIF) took stock on December 8 of the scholarships offered to young scientists in 2022. This year, the VINIF Fund awarded 360 postgraduate scholarships, amounting to 62 billion VND.

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Announcement ceremony of the scholarships offered to young scientists in 2022 by the Vingroup Innovation Fund.

The Vingroup Innovation Fund (VINIF) was created in 2018 with the aim of supporting organizations and individuals in innovation, in scientific and technological research, to bring about significant, positive and lasting changes to the national community. From 2019 to present, the VINIF Fund has set up three scholarship and training cooperation programs, including the Master and Doctoral Scholarship Program, the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and the Funding and Cooperation Program for Masters in Data Science.

In 2019, VINIF established the National Masters and Doctoral Scholarship Program with the aim of changing the mindset and culture of funding, training, scientific and technological research. The program aims to create a “launch pad” for young scientists, thus promoting the development of the network of young intellectuals in schools, universities and institutes across the country.

With the stated objective of encouraging Vietnamese doctors to return to work in their country of origin, VINIF is a pioneer in setting up a postdoctoral fellowship program. The level of funding for these scholarship programs is 360 million VND/year for post-doctoral studies, 150 million/year for the doctorate and 120 million/year for the master’s degree.

Alongside the scholarship programs, in 2020, the VINIF Data Science Masters Training Funding and Cooperation Program provided financial and technological support to training institutions and graduate students for studies and research at the level international. The funding is 2 billion VND/year for three years.

To date, the VINIF Fund has sponsored six Master’s training projects in association with leading research institutes and universities in Vietnam, including Quy Nhon University, Hanoi Polytechnic, Institute of Mathematics-Academy Vietnam Science and Technology, John von Neumann Institute – National University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Natural Sciences – National University of Hanoi and University of Natural Sciences – National University of Ho Chi Minh- Town.

Thanks to the cooperation between VINIF and institutes and schools across the country, two disciplines (data science and artificial intelligence) have entered the university training portfolio, masters and doctorate, of the Ministry of Education and of Training. Prior to 2022, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence did not have a training subject code in the Ministry of Education and Training list and was only included in other subjects.

This year, after three rounds of selection by the scientific council, the VINIF Fund awarded 360 scholarships to 150 master’s students, 150 doctoral students and 60 doctors. Totaling 62 billion VND, in 13 disciplines.

It’s the 4e consecutive year that Vingroup has awarded national masters and doctoral scholarships and this is the second year of awarding postdoctoral scholarships. This is to contribute to the development of high quality scientific human resources for the country. They are all excellent young scientists, authors of more than 2,600 publications in prestigious national and international journals, scientific results presented at conferences and winners of nearly 200 scientific research prizes at the national level. In particular, among them, 24 valedictorian university graduates, 13 candidates transferred from the university to the doctorate and 38 doctoral students who defended their thesis abroad.

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Pr. Vu Hà Van, scientific director of the VINIF Fund.

After four years of implementation, the VINIF Fund has sponsored 1,150 scholarships with a total value of nearly 180 billion VND for excellent masters, doctoral students and doctors. Among the latter, many young scientists have completed the program, successfully built up their research at the national and international levels, and contributed to the creation of socially useful products. Results of their scientific work, 520 articles have been published in prestigious national and international journals, 250 articles presented at national and international conferences, 10 patents and more than 110 other scientific research grants. This testifies to the growing prestige and influence of the VINIF Fund on the Vietnamese scientific and technological community.

As part of the ceremony to review the scholarship and training cooperation programs in 2022, the VINIF Fund also organized a seminar with the participation of officials from several universities, including: the director of the Hanoi Polytechnic, Huynh Quyet Thang , the vice-president of the National University of Hanoi, Nguyên Hoàng Hai, the rector of the University of Quy Nhon, Dô Ngoc My, the Institute of advanced studies in mathematics, Prof. Hô Tu Bao, the director scientist of the VINIF Fund, Pr. Vu Hà Van, and the executive director of the VINIF Fund, Phan Thi Ha Duong.

The seminar aimed to discuss the impact of cooperation programs between companies and training institutions in the development of high quality human resources to provide the scientific and technological foundations in Vietnam to open up to the world.

The Pr. Vu Hà Van, Scientific Director of the VINIF Fund said: Vietnam has the opportunity to integrate into the fourth industrial revolution. This integration mainly needs human resources and knowledge. To do this, we need a solid +launch pad+ for a young team of scientists to focus on developing the country. And this has been the objective of the VINIF Fund when setting up scholarship programs for the past four years. With long-term and persistent efforts, the VINIF Fund has built a VINIF Alumni club with more than 1,000 young scientists who have received VINIF scholarships, hoping to contribute to creating a culture of innovative scientific research, high international standards.

The executive director of the VINIF Fund, the Pr. associated -Dr. Phan Thi Hà Duong pointed out that the Fund’s programs seek to meet the development needs of the country, they have evolved and expanded over time.

Hoàng Lan/CVN

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The VINIF Fund offers 360 postgraduate scholarships in 2022

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