Web Development Trends in 2022

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The web development industry is constantly changing and very rapidly. It is sometimes difficult for a company to keep pace and adapt its website to remain competitive vis-à-vis its competitors. However, thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to benefit from a quality website in a minimum of time and with a minimum of effort. Focus on current trends in web development.

There are a plethora of web development tools available today that allow you to quickly implement features that would otherwise take months to integrate. The sites are therefore more user-friendly, more intuitive and offer an increasingly personalized user experience. But to stay “up to date”, it is essential to ensure that your site is regularly updated and to monitor new trends.

We have already mentioned it several times: mobility is one of the pillars of the Web today. Internet traffic from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) is now higher than that from traditional desktop PCs — the use of mobile to access the Internet has in fact been steadily increasing since 2021. As a result, web applications progressives (or PWAs) are now essential: they combine the functionalities offered by most modern web browsers and the advantages of the experience offered by mobile devices.

Take care of the user experience to increase conversion rates

Introduced by Google in 2016, PWAs combine speed, fluidity and lightness to speed up web page loading times. PWAs offer a user experience similar or even superior to that of a mobile application, increased engagement and conversion rates and reduced development costs (because it becomes unnecessary to adapt the application to each platform, the PWA running on any device).

Many well-known brands, like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter, already use PWAs. According to the Cleverroad company, specializing in the development of mobile applications, PWAs would have enabled Alibaba to increase its conversion rate by 76%! Another way to improve conversion rates is to integrate so-called push notifications, highlighting certain ads and promotions, offering personalized offers, etc. ; tools like OneSignal or PushBots make it relatively easy to set this up.

User interaction can also take the form of intelligent chatbots, which are particularly useful in answering simple queries and FAQs from visitors; they allow companies to save time and money and improve the quality of customer service (which becomes accessible 24/7). AI-powered chatbots will be even more versatile in the years to come.

Another technology aimed at improving and streamlining the user experience: the single-page application (or SPA for single page application). It is a web application accessible via a single web page, the aim being to avoid loading a new page with each user action — navigation is thus made easier; however, content is displayed dynamically based on user actions.

Attractive and comfortable design

The design of a website or a web application remains of course essential and on this side, the trend is towards interactivity. To do this, the must-have technology of the moment is Motion UI, a library that allows you to quickly create transitions and animations at the user interface level. It comes with a set of predefined effects (slip, fade, rotate, etc.). Engaging animations are a great way to attract (and retain) visitors.

In recent years, many developers have also introduced dark mode in the construction of their websites. The latter consists of a dark-colored background and light-colored content. This mode was introduced in 2016, but only became standard practice in 2021. It is recommended today for two reasons: the first is that it saves battery life on mobile devices, the second is that it reduces visual fatigue, especially when the ambient lighting is poor (typically, when Internet users use their smartphone in bed, etc.). Dark mode is favored by many users today.

Another aspect to consider, given the current market conditions, is voice search. Indeed, by 2023, eight billion digital voice assistants are expected to be in use worldwide, according to Juniper Research. Due to this expansion, voice search optimization will become indispensable. The Web Speech API makes it possible to integrate voice search technology into any web application; it includes a voice synthesis component and a voice recognition component.

Note that most of these trending technologies are also offered in the form of application modules allowing the creation of “turnkey” websites. Experts specialized in e-commerce platforms such as Prestashop, for example, can include this type of functionality on request. If these content management systems make it possible to quickly have a functional site, they however offer limited possibilities in terms of customization. In this case, a PHP Symfony framework expert — framework which is the basis of the development of PrestaShop or Drupal for example — can for example add more specific functionalities, according to needs.

The few trends described here will impact the way companies communicate with their customers in the years to come. Integrating these technologies can really help a business stay ahead of the competition.

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Web Development Trends in 2022

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