10 Artificial Intelligence Superpowers That Can Destroy Us

AI has a lot of potentially dangerous “superpowers” for the future of human beings (and more than one expert is trying to warn us).

Artificial intelligence systems are now known for their strategic capacity and are increasingly used in real contexts. They have extended their reach to the point that humans now stand intentionally abusing, mistreating and abusing them. The inherent potential of current AI technologies increases as they are integrated into social infrastructure, and this is another sign that the consequences of losing control would be disastrous.

There are many situations in which the dangers of AI need to be discussed, as well as its future consequences which need to be anticipated and managed. Here are 10 superpowers that could hurt us very, very badly.

Job Loss

This is the main argument of all those who distrust artificial intelligence (even those who panic unnecessarily). This issue is not about whether artificial intelligence will master certain professions or not, but how much will it affect human occupation.

The automation of jobs is expected to result in a high number of unemployed professionals who are not high-tech in nature. As AI robots get smarter, the same tasks will require fewer human workers. How can you avoid it? Giving a moral to AI? I don’t know if you can. How to reconfigure human work? There are so many ways, from a focus on creative and humanistic professions to formulas like basic income.

Growing socio-economic inequalities

AI Superpowers

A direct consequence of the first of the “superpowers” ​​described is the growing economic disparity caused by AI-induced job losses. For now, only predictive and repetitive activities are currently likely to be acquired by artificial intelligence, but studies and surveys have predicted that the criteria may expand in the future. As a result, low-skilled workers will have fewer and fewer opportunities to retrain, the others should do without. A huge danger.

Privacy breach

AI Superpowers
AI superpowers against privacy

With AI becoming increasingly integrated into so many cutting-edge technology services, it has become easy to monitor, compare, and analyze an individual’s online and offline activities. Cameras and Big Data are about to enter into such a relationship that they are constantly “dialogue” with each other. If you add modern and sophisticated facial recognition technologies, you will understand that trackers will know exactly where we are and what we are doing, practically in real time. More than superpowers, I would say omniscience.

Autonomous weapons

AI superpowers - autonomous weapons

I killer robots, also known as autonomous weapons or “killer robots”, are military robots that can independently seek out and destroy their targets according to pre-programmed instructions. Almost every technologically advanced nation on the planet is developing autonomous war machines that will take the place of human soldiers. It goes without saying that there are several huge problems associated with the use of these machines. The most critical question is: who will be held responsible for these artificially intelligent robots that spin out of control and commit terrible acts that can lead to death?


Ukrainian President Zelensky has asked his troops to surrender first deepfake video used for war purposes in human history.

Deepfakes are perfect for use by malicious people and criminals to create confusion, fear or disgust. They can help spread misinformation, build false narratives about individuals, and even generate a topic-specific public image that can physically and psychologically harm someone. They were recently used for the first time in a theater of war (yes, just like a weapon).

AI Terrorism

AI superpowers (let’s give Caesar what’s Caesar’s) can help a country’s national security in many ways, but they can also help bad guys carry out terrorist attacks. Drones are used by various terrorist organizations to carry out attacks and observe military activities across borders. We have seen such means employed already in action, and the day is not far when we will see thousands of killer drones deployed at once.

social manipulation
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Social media manipulation can be quite effective in marketing, and it’s always easier to be swayed by autonomous algorithms. AI can address and distribute any information it wishes to convey without any user input or filtering, as long as the propaganda is shared with targeted groups of people through algorithms and personal data.

Superhuman AI: The King of Superpowers

Entering (but also knowing how to get out of it) in a logic of hypothesis. Is it possible, as mentioned, that in a few years the spread of robots programmed to kill “enemies” will be hacked or gain control beyond that of human beings?

Here: This is the absolute worst-case scenario. Currently, superhuman AI systems are somewhat of a myth, but how long will they remain a myth?

The biases of AI

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POST FP 700X500 96

Religion, gender and nationality are all things that people continue to fight and war over even today in the 21st century. It’s a terrible thing, we see it every day. This bias can also be reflected in AI systems due to incorrect data provided by people. To get rid of this problem, IT people have to manually delete any irrelevant information. It’s not easy, especially considering that an artificial intelligence is already confusing people with monkeys.

Destabilize the stock market

AI Superpowers

In recent years, experts have expressed concern that the advent of algorithmic trading could lead to financial catastrophe. Algorithmic trading consists of high-frequency, high-value transactions that can cause significant market volatility. This type of trading ignores human logic and feelings, but it remains an essential component of financial markets. Once again: who will be held responsible if an artificial intelligence causes another crisis of 29?

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10 Artificial Intelligence Superpowers That Can Destroy Us

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