2022 promises to be the year of all records for Exotismes

With +28% on August 31, 2022 compared to 2019, which nevertheless considers itself to be a very good year, associated with an increase in the average basket of +6.24%, the exoticism business is doing well.

Admittedly, it is still difficult to measure the “catch-up” effect after 2 years of withdrawal from travel. But consumer behavior reveals a real appetite for “indulging yourself”, as measured by the TO on its 2022 sales:

  • Slightly longer stays: the average length of stay has increased from 8 to 10 nights on site
  • Requests for more qualitative and more personalized accommodation.
  • Where the client chose a standard room of 35 m², he now reserves a superior room of 50 m²
  • No more purchasing options such as: “sea view” supplement or “full board” instead of “half board”.

The TO’s luck comes from the calendar: its favorite markets have never completely closed at the same time, as Gilbert Cisneros, the founding president, explains: “ we have always maintained a wheel of business during the health crisis. Dom Toms remained open at the start of the period. When they closed, the Dominican Republic took over, etc. Thus we have kept our teams active, which is more face-to-face, which has allowed us to relaunch sales in the best conditions when our competitors were in slow motion or even at a standstill. »

Result, the TO shows a turnover of 142 million which is projected to reach 170 million at the end of the year, in line with forecasts except for geopolitical, health or social hazards.

There remains the economic deal: what about the rise in prices and in particular that of fuels? Gilbert Cisneros wants to be reassuring: “ we have not felt a slowdown in reservations this summer, or at the margin, due to inflation. Some panic in front of the + 30% of the price of the tickets! Yes, but it’s not coming, it’s already happening. In addition, this comparison is made in relation to 2021. If we refer to 2019, the differential is much more contained. Finally, on certain destinations such as the overseas departments, there is overcapacity which limits increases. »


In any case, this period of health crisis implies a certain questioning. As a cost-saving measure, coupled with an awareness of our environmental impact, the TO switches to all-digital production of brochures. Didier Sylvestre deputy director of Exotismes in charge of sales explains: ” We have been thinking about this for a long time. It’s true that agencies expect paper brochures. At the same time, it was becoming more and more difficult to guarantee tariffs which fluctuated more and more frequently. Our desire now is to make the digital brochure a tool that the agency can appropriate. They can customize it and use it to send personalized quotes with their own and rewarding content.. »

The digital brochure:

  • Customizable with the coordinates and colors of each travel agency
  • With quotes and reservations linked to the account of each agency
  • With real-time update and 2 years salable production (until 2024).

Strategy that continues with the creation of mini-websites replacing paper flyers.

In any case, the sales manual in encyclopedia format, very complete and very educational, remains available to agency salespeople.

Technological development

This period was also used to continue the artificial intelligence system (SIA). This increases travel advisors’ ability to respond to booking requests, particularly for tailor-made trips, with relevant counter-proposals. (See interview Julien Cisneros). First successfully used for its performance in managing emails with character recognition functionality, today it is beginning to show its power in its voice recognition functionality.

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2022 promises to be the year of all records for Exotismes

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