64 million for hospital cybersecurity

Hospitals will soon be able to enter projects funded by the recovery plan.

The government is in the process of releasing the first budgets of the recovery plan intended to strengthen the cybersecurity of hospital establishments. As planned in 2021, an amount of 64 million euros should land on the Inami accounts between 2022 and 2025. In three installments of 20 million to directly finance projects within hospitals, while 4 million euros must increase the level of security of the IT management services of the Inami itself. These new resources are in addition to the 62 million collected each year to finance IT and the digital management of hospital medical records.

According to the draft decision that the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), must submit to the Council of Ministers on Friday, in addition to increasing the “resilience of hospitals in the face of cyberattacks”, it is in particular a question of securing the management of medical data by facilitating their use for the development of health policies and in research and development. Last objective, to stimulate innovation in “decision-making systems based on artificial intelligence“, the development of ambulatory medicine and home care “based on mobile and remote technologies”.

Better anticipate attacks

Concretely, healthcare establishments will be invited to submit projects according to a tight administrative procedure under the framework of the Recovery Plan established by the Secretary of State for Recovery Thomas Dermine (PS). Several types of projects will be privileged. Like staff awareness (we know that the front door of an institution is often forced using a simple email), the development of emergency plans in the event of a cyberattack, risk analysis, the sharing of expertise in the field and, of course, the installation of constant monitoring systems to encourage the anticipation of attacks and protection software. All these details will be laid down in a royal decree for the execution of the device from July of this year.

Remember that concern has only grown on these issues in medical circles, whereas since the start of the covid crisis, several hospitals suffered attacks crippling their systems. This was the case of Chirec, the Saint-Luc hospital in Namur or the CHwapi in Tournai, and even more markedly with our French neighbors. These episodes have, each time, given rise to disruptions in consultations and the programming of interventions.


millions of euros

The budget allocated to IT protection for hospitals by 2025.

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64 million for hospital cybersecurity

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