Activision wants an AI to customize the soundtrack of a multiplayer game based on how the game is progressing. – Benin News

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Activision is working on a new system for creating artificial intelligence (AI) soundtracks for games such as Call of Duty, which would adapt the music to the image of the user. game circumstances and moods of game characters.

This technology is known as “Systems and Methods for Information Generation and Processing”. dynamically modulate the music based on in-game events, player profiles, and/or player feedback,” and is featured in a patent granted to the company, filed on April 25 and made public in October.

In this document, Activision recognizes customization possibilities existing avatars and suggests that this does not occur in video game music, which does not provide for dynamic changes based on gameplay development.

The developer indicates that some titles allow replacing the soundtrack, but this possibility has not yet been extended to the following titles modify specific musical elements and adapt them to the circumstances.

To create a soundtrack that matches what’s happening at all times in-game and among the characters, Activision patented a system based on AI technology. develops unique and personalized music for multiplayer games like Call of Duty.

This brief indicates that it is a format that generates music by identifying a mood based on one or more profiles of the events taking place in the game and modulating the musical elements according to the mood. mood of the title characters, their movements or the mood of the characters. their responses during the action of the game.

Thus, Activision’s patent describes different methods for generating dynamic music. First, she suggests analyzing different mood profiles using machine learning (“machine learning”) in multiplayer games.

In turn, the developer offers to take into account such elements of music as meter, tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, progression, pitch, timbre, sound texture or spatial location ; in order to create an audio segment depending on the mood.

The creation of this custom soundtrack will also take into account the skill or experience level of the players, whether beginner, enthusiast, medium or expert, as well as the player’s level of engagement in the video game and the achievement of its goals (also low, medium or high).

Based on this diversity of options, Activision plans to develop a system adapted to the personal situation of each user, with the aim of creating a a totally personalized and immersive experience.

To illustrate how this solution works, the company discusses how the background music would work during the following periods a confrontation with an enemywhether he is a professional player or a beginner.

In the first case, when the music generation module receives information indicating that the player is in the process of defeating the opponent, the system is responsible for dynamically modulating the music. “to make the experience more intense and engaging”.

On the other hand, if you’re a newbie player and you’re struggling to figure out how to finish off the enemy and have suffered multiple defeats, the custom soundtrack generation system changes the intensity of the music to make the experience less traumatic or frustrating. It also includes sounds and cues to warn the player when to attack their opponent or when to dodge an attack.

Interestingly, although the patent states that this AI-based solution using machine learning systems is primarily focused on multiplayer mode, specifies that it can also be applied single player and games that don’t require the Internet.

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Activision wants an AI to customize the soundtrack of a multiplayer game based on how the game is progressing. – Benin News

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