Aqemia raises 30 million euros to facilitate drug discovery

Aqemia, a French start-up specializing in drug research using artificial intelligence, has raised 30 million euros. A Series A fundraising announced on October 20, 2022 by the start-up which signed a partnership with Sanofi in December 2020 to find an antiviral against Covid-19. This funding round was led by Eurazeo and Large Venture (Bpifrance) with the participation of Elaia.

Aqemia generates its own data

Aqemia has developed software capable of predicting the affinity between drug candidates and therapeutic targets responsible for diseases. This software is able to make a prediction in a few minutes, against a few days usually, according to Maximilien Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Aqemia.

The technology developed by this spin-off of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) founded in 2019 is the result of 8 years of research. It relies on the development of machine learning systems to find promising drug candidates among millions of molecules.

The young shoot explains that it generates its own data itself, and does not need experimental data unlike other platforms based solely on artificial intelligence. She does simulation using “quantum-inspired” physics.

This leads to substantial savings in time and money. “The unprecedented speed – 10,000 times faster at constant cost – and the precision of our physics algorithms, combined with our generative artificial intelligence, make it possible to create innovative new drug candidates for multiple therapeutic targets more quickly and simultaneously” , explains Emmanuelle Martiano, co-founder and COO of Aqemia, in a press release.

Developing and testing drugs

Beyond SanofiAqemia assures that there have been other collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies like Janssen and servant. “After several successes in the generation of new innovative chemical entities in collaboration with major pharmaceutical laboratories, we are now entering a phase of very strong acceleration in the achievement of Aqemia’s mission: to build our portfolio of discovery projects in clean of drugs”adds Maximilien Levesque.

The start-up explains that its technology has allowed it to launch its pipeline of internal projects. The objective: to discover new innovative drugs which are now entering the preclinical in vivo testing phase, particularly in oncology and immuno-oncology. With this fundraising, the start-up wants to optimize and accelerate these large-scale early drug discovery projects in order to discover dozens of new drug candidates. The start-up intends to use these drug candidates in clinical trials with partners or biotechnology spin-offs.

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Aqemia raises 30 million euros to facilitate drug discovery

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