Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

Without support, humans often find themselves alone in the face of algorithms intended to make their lives easier. The specialist in business intelligence, Sindup, tells us how, for 10 years, he has been helping organizations to train managers and employees thanks to a catalog designed to address all profiles.

Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence

Before the marketing phase, we devoted five years of R&D to big data, machine learning and automated processing to offer a complete business intelligence solution capable of meeting its primary mission: capturing the right information for decision-making. optimal”says Mickaël Réault, founder of Sindup.

The business intelligence platform thus integrates a proprietary deep learning technology, FilterLive™, available natively, which learns to recognize qualified information according to users’ centers of interest. Features for data extraction, voice recognition, semantic analysis, grouping of similar information, classification and automatic tagging are thus deployed. But it is the union of artificial intelligence and collective intelligence that will really allow users to focus on their added value: the analysis, sharing and exploitation of information, at the right person and at the right time. For this, it is essential to ensure that they master their tools!

This is why, at Sindup, we saw the appearance, about ten years ago, of a second profession: that of training. The power of artificial intelligence is indisputable and we achieve real feats with it, but it’s nothing if users are not able to appropriate itassures Mickaël Réault. AI at the service of humans involves support, support, project management and internal co-animation with our customers. Note that it systematically adapts to the size of the company.

Strategic watch training adapted to all profiles

Within organizations, intelligence officers maintain a client-supplier type relationship with business departments and general management.

For Sindup, watch managers are more like partners that we support on a daily basis with a personalized assistance and support service. We are really in the co-animation. Above all, we now have a whole catalog of training and coaching adapted to all profiles to help everyone succeed in their mission.”, specifies Mickaël Réault.

Watchers will learn how to automate the watch cycle using features tailored to their needs. The contributors or curators in charge of providing their expertise within the business departments will work on optimizing the sharing of their information, their summaries and their analyses. Business departments will learn to identify useful information and integrate it into procedures and within their business tools. They will also increase their skills in economic intelligence applied to their daily lives, as will the general management who, for their part, will also refine their forward-looking vision.

Finally, what is common to each of them, beyond saving time, is the development of critical thinking and the improvement of the decision-making process in a collective intelligence approach.”, adds Mickaël Réault.

In conference format to mobilize internally, facilitation workshops or even small working groups depending on the role, the training can also be supplemented by online and à la carte sessions to go further and allow everyone to join the dynamic.

Over the years, we have gone from training reserved for a niche of experts to training accessible to all stakeholders in a learning organization approach.”; concludes the founder.

More efficiency and better identification of AI-related benefits

At the end of the training, feedback is generally unanimous:

I do more things than I imagined with the tool and I fully identify the benefits!”; “One hour a week is enough for me to produce several newsletters. I am therefore more efficient in terms of volumes of deliverables but also in terms of the relevance of the information transmitted.”. During the trainingcollecting the first results always has a magical effect on most users”, says Myriam Laurent, Sindup trainer.

Many discover sources of information that they would, they admit, “never have identified otherwise”. But even with this avalanche of optimizations and time savings through automation, watchdogs and contributors play an indispensable role.

The enthusiasm generated with business departments, ever more demanding of new deliverables, forces them to find the right balance between automation and analysis”, concludes Marie Frizot, Customer Success Manager at Sindup.

For more information, watch the show Tech & Co on BFM Business: business intelligence with Sindup at DS Smith or discover the video Combine the best human analysis and the contributions of AI technologies in the service of monitoring.

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Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

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