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Countries like the United States take a very dim view of the use of cryptocurrencies that can ultimately destabilize economies. The State of El Salvador, which now encourages the use of cryptocurrencies on its territory, is in the process of influencing other parts of the regional economy by absorbing the cryptocurrencies of the most influential American investors.

A fear that can call into question an artificial economy in which the banks have no control.

In the foreground, these digital certificates that are NFTs also raise new questions that we propose to address at the heart of this article.

Can NFTs influence ownership in the years to come?

Property, the foundation of the social contract according to Rousseau as the basis of community life, is now coming up against NFTs, which are developing a new form of digital property. A house, a means of transport or the consumption of goods is a necessity at the heart of our societies.

However, the surge and appeal of NFTs which although risky are capable of disrupting the current social order is very real.

Always more artificial intelligence in a changing world where the gap between wealth is more and more flagrant risks disorganizing our societies once. Block Chain too, which currently has more than 40 million users, is also the way to acquire more wealth in the world of cryptocurrency.

The question that the coming months are capable of revealing to us therefore consists in seeing the path that NFTs will take. Is it a simple digital directory for eccentric thoroughly in art or in the desire to acquire more digital goods? Or are they a new way to acquire more intangible properties while imposing themselves in our societies?

Without going into virtual considerations, the Internet has already changed the game for several years. Websites are today estimated at a higher value than real estate. So, are NFTs also capable of achieving this? Digital property and virtual currency therefore seem to be two combos that seem to satisfy themselves in a world of the privileged.

Bitcoin: a cryptocurrency that blurs financial hierarchies

Bitcoin: a genius idea or a virtual currency capable of reversing the relationship? One thing is certain. This cryptocurrency out of nowhere was created in 2009 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoti, the biggest token holders to date and still acting as a UFO on Earth. The financial context in which this currency was also born suggests that a desire to counter the new world order was developed from scratch.

Although the currency is very unstable, it offers new opportunities such as being able to break free from the current financial system. The bitcoin making the happy days of many people is issued on the blockchain protocol which looks a lot like a hedge fund.

Its gradual opening up to buy everyday goods and services is perhaps changing the game in the way of acquiring wealth.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are therefore causes that can change the world for good or bad. The rest of the episodes will tell us more about the use of assets and their evolution at the heart of the global economy.

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Can artificial intelligence challenge the world order: analysis of NFTs and cryptocurrencies? – Publi-News: News from Companies in France

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