Chinese market: Nvidia CEO confident despite AI sanctions

Despite the sanctions imposed by Washington, the Chinese market still represents an important growth opportunity for Nvidia. This is what the leader of the Californian chipmaker, leader in the GPU market, said on Wednesday in an interview with the press. Jensen Huang’s statements come more or less a month after the Biden administration banned Nvidia from selling its new A100 and H100 chips in China, devoted to artificial intelligence.

This measure is itself part of a broad American policy aimed at limiting China’s access to chips and other advanced technologies, underlines the South China Morning Post. Particularly severe restrictions with regard to the Chinese industry, which is not yet able to design chips powerful enough to constitute serious alternatives to those of Nvidia, in particular on the grounds of AI and supercomputers.

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According to Lu Jianping, director of technology at Iluvatar Corex, one of Nvidia’s Chinese rivals, the American giant’s chips represent 95% of the GPUs currently used by AI training systems. By preventing Chinese companies from acquiring Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs, the US stands a good chance of undermining China’s ability to develop sophisticated AI models. A key point in the development of cloud solutions, among others. Remember that beyond Nvidia’s GPU chips, Chinese servers and supercomputers also use processors (CPUs) from Intel and AMD…also American.

Nvidia H100 GPU chip

The Nvidia H100 GPU chip, for illustration. Photography: Nvidia

Despite this tense context, Jensen Huang is counting on the Chinese market and hopes that Sino-American relations will smooth out trade and economics. The American businessman, of Taiwanese origin, also indicated that he was hopeful that Washington and Beijing could find ” solutions about US controls on exports to China.

The friendship between China and the United States is good for the world, and China is a big consumer of American products. “, he said on Wednesday. ” China is also an essential part of the global supply chain “, Continued the boss of Nvidia, specifying that the firm is currently working with its Chinese customers to find alternatives.

As a reminder, Nvidia’s H100 chip, which includes no less than 80 billion transistors alone, has entered the production phase. The first units of this new GPU dedicated to AI and supercomputers should arrive from Nvidia’s partners in October.

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Chinese market: Nvidia CEO confident despite AI sanctions

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