CNRS Weekly Edition of 09/29/2022

7th Science Special Edition: Women and Science

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From production to recycling of plastic materials

As part of European Sustainable Development Week, the CNRS is examining the work of Matthieu Gervais, teacher-researcher at the PIMM laboratory. Its work aims to reduce the environmental impact through eco-design and improved recycling of plastic waste.

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Event “Alert! My DNA is broken!!”, Saturday October 8, 2022 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This event organized by Sandra Piquet, Head of the microscopy platform at the Epigenetics and Cell Fate laboratory (EDC) invites you to put on your gloves and dive into the Epigenetics and Cell Fate laboratory. You will discover how human cells are cultured to study DNA repair, and what microscopes reveal to us!

CNRS Weekly Edition of 09292022

Complex systems deciphered by the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics

How do birds manage to generate the multiple and changing shapes that we admire in the sky?

How can a global structure emerge from the units that compose it?

These are the questions posed by the study of complex systems, a science capable of describing global phenomena as diverse as neural networks, climate dynamics, movements of crowds or… starlings.

Giorgio Parisi, Italian physicist and Nobel Prize in Physics 2021, will give us the keys to this in a Public Conference organized by the Institute of Complex Systems of Paris Île-de-France.

The conference will be followed by a debate moderated by Hugues Chaté, research director at the CEA.

After the conference, there will be a signing session for Giorgio Parisi’s popular book Comme un vol d’étourneaux published by Flammarion.

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The “Support for Research and Dissemination of Knowledge” (ARDIS) unit offers an audiovisual initiation

This second audiovisual initiation session will be organized in the fall and intended for doctoral students and researchers.

It takes place on 3 consecutive Wednesdays (over 3 weeks) The number of places is limited to 6 trainees. The dates will be fixed in consultation with the trainees.

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Book: Weapons and Warriors

This book is the result of a symposium devoted to armaments, a theme at the heart of many international researches, but sometimes lacking in visibility. It aims to propose a renewed vision and original approaches for the study of Weapons and Warriors in Europe and the Near East for ancient societies. Through “classic” approaches and the implementation of new methodologies, the various authors open up to military issues, but also more societal issues, such as the way of waging war, the warrior elites, the composition of armies , the status of warrior, soldier, etc.

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Book: From Chupicuaro to Teotihuacan

As part of the new archaeological collection published by the CEMCA (Centre for Mexican and Central American Studies), Brigitte FAUGÈRE (Coord.) publishes the second volume of her research “Chupícuaro”.

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Work: Residences of Late Antiquity in the villages of southern Syria (Batanée and Saccée), 3rd-6th century

​This volume deals with a particular category of ancient dwellings in southern Syria, which we have referred to as mansions or residences. The objective is to distinguish them from the more heterogeneous domestic architecture constituted by the small dwellings, which have been remodeled many times, in old villages that have remained abandoned.

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Book: Tratamientos mortuorios del cuerpo humano

The volume presents a revised and structured edition of the works presented at the III Congress of Bioarchaeology (Mérida, Yucatán, 2018)

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Book: “Political and practical views on public works in France”

Konstantinos Chatzis, Nathalie Montel and Antoine Picon, researchers at LATTS, offer here a critical edition of “Political and practical views on public works in France”, a work originally published in 1832 by engineers Gabriel Lamé, Benoît-Paul-Émile Clapeyron and the brothers Stéphane and Eugène Flachat. This programmatic and visionary work also offers a perspective on our time and is here the subject of an in-depth historical investigation.

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Screening-debate: Atlantic

The first session of the new cycle of screenings-debates “Social sciences and cinema”, organized by the EHESS and the mk2, will take place on monday october 10. The film will be screened Atlanticdiscussed by Caroline Callard, historian at Center for Studies in the Social Sciences of the Religious (Césor, CNRS/EHESS).

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CNRS Weekly Edition of 09/29/2022

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