Delfox deploys its learning platform for drones and autonomous systems

Often presented as a nugget but voluntarily remained in the shadows because operating in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence, Delfox announces that it has launched, this month, the marketing of the beta version of its platform. “Until now we managed bricks of our technology on behalf of our customers. Now, the customer, through the business expert, will be able to use the platform without knowing anything about artificial intelligence (AI) “explains to La Tribune Alice Memang, co-director of the company created in 2018 in Mérignac with Maxime Rey.

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Because it is AI that is in question. Delfox, has developed a simulation platform which makes it possible to make systems autonomous, typically drones, by the reinforcement learning method, that is to say by a succession of trials and errors. During learning, rewards and penalties are thus issued, the aim being to ensure that the systems adapt autonomously to the various changes.

“The client chooses a simulation environment close to his problem, defines a learning scenario and launches the work of the AI. Once the client is satisfied with the performance of the AI, he can export it and deploy it in a real environment”, explains Alice Memang.

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Towards new markets

The first applications concerned the aerial drone, but the technology can also be used on terrestrial drones, underwater drones, satellites and well beyond. Because if Delfox intends to strengthen itself in the defense market, the company also wishes to develop in new markets, in particular logistics in increasingly automated warehouses, energy with a view to optimizing flows, or even in the automotive industry, and in the longer term the autonomous vehicle.

“Today, in a car production plant equipped with articulated arms, if a door lands askew on the belt, the arm stops and therefore the chain with it. Our value proposition consists in bringing a brick of intelligence to the machine that will adapt in a case like this. Productivity will not be impacted”, explains Alice Memang.

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Around ten recruitments by the end of 2022

At this stage, Delfox is remunerated through the sale of licenses, but will switch to a subscription when the first version of the platform is released, which will be offered in SaaS mode (software as a service). “The international will be integrated in the V1″, warns Alice Memang. Now to accelerate the industrialization of the platform, Delfox plans to recruit profiles in the field of software and development. Around ten employees are therefore being sought by the end of 2022. Delfox currently employs around fifteen people, the vast majority of whom are engineers and doctors.

While the start-up had started its activity with two key partnerships, in this case ArianeGroup for space surveillance and Dassault Aviation on air combat issues, the Bordeaux start-up also counts Thales, MBDA and Naval Group among its clients.

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