DMS Imaging: Strategic partnership with Micro-X

( — DMS Imaging (formerly ASIT Biotech) (Euronext Brussels and Paris – BE0974289218 – DMSIM), a French specialist in the development, design and manufacture of imaging systems, and Micro-X Ltd (Australian Securities Exchange – MX1), an Australian company specializing in cold cathode X-ray tube technology dedicated to the health and safety markets, announce the signing of a collaboration agreement.

As part of this agreement, Micro-X will provide DMS Imaging with technological subsystems, including cold cathode X-ray tubes (called Carbon Nano Tube – CNT) and associated generators, which will be integrated into the new solution. mobile radiology being developed by Apelem, the French subsidiary of DMS Imaging, and whose international launch is expected by the end of 2023.

This development is part of DMS Imaging’s MC2 project, which aims to develop two new high-end imaging solutions, a radiology mobile and an operating theater arch, which will be manufactured in France. The MC2 project benefits in particular from funding by the French government as part of the Recovery Plan and the Future Investments Program (PIA). These solutions will strengthen DMS Imaging’s product line over the next 24 to 36 months.

For its part, Micro-X will also be able to extend its technological offer by integrating the ADAM solution, the proprietary imaging software platform developed by DMS Imaging. ADAM is a new concept of multi-detector software solution that includes artificial intelligence (AI) based image processing capabilities and innovative patient flow management (workflow), a true state-of-the-art solution in image management in radiology.

Through this dual partnership, technological and industrial, DMS Imaging extends its product portfolio, based on the technological advantages of cold cathode (CNT) X-ray tubes compared to conventional X-ray tubes. DMS Imaging thus has access to a more efficient imaging solution, but also smaller and lighter, essential characteristics for a mobile radiology solution.

For Micro-X, the sale of imaging chain components is a new business opportunity. It helps to accelerate the penetration of this new technology on the market by taking advantage of the capacity for innovation and the distribution network of DMS Imaging (more than 120 distributors across 140 countries). Micro-X’s strategy aims to increase global adoption of its nano-electronic X-ray tube technology in many areas, including medical imaging.

Peter Rowland, Managing Director of Micro-X, said: “We are very pleased to collaborate with DMS Imaging as this represents further validation of Micro-X’s cold cathode tube technology from a renowned player in the We are convinced that future DMS Imaging products, equipped with our X-ray technology, will be both competitive and innovative and will help demonstrate the advantages of our technology to the market.
We will continue to work in parallel to build our sales force, directly or through distribution channels, dedicated to our range of X-ray imaging products, Rover Micro-X, while taking advantage of this new opportunity allows us to increase the production volumes of the components of our flagship technology. This collaboration will contribute to the commercialization of the Rover Micro-X by raising awareness and facilitating the adoption of Micro-X’s technology in the imaging market.”

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DMS Imaging: Strategic partnership with Micro-X

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