Ellisphere: leader in information to build relationships of trust in BtoB

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Crises follow one another and regulations become more complex. In order to respond effectively to new challenges in the context of knowledge of their third party in BtoB, managers and their teams need to have sometimes tailor-made solutions, directly integrated into their customer and supplier portfolio management tools. Having the right information and promoting transparency between trusted third parties are more than ever at the heart of successful business relationships.

Ellisphere operates in a complex environment

Pandemic, war in Ukraine, explosion in the cost of raw materials and energy, inflation… The recent upheavals are undermining business relations in BtoB, which is not without consequence in particular on the management of inter-company credit, leading source of financing for companies in France – ie 800 billion euros.

In addition to this difficult economic environment, there is a constantly changing regulatory framework, impacting more and more companies, such as with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, or even electronic invoicing which will have to be effective in all French companies by 2026. These developments involve adapting, and often even transforming, information systems and business organizations in companies.

Finally, the proliferation of data is not without danger for professionals. Indeed, too much information interferes with the right information: BtoB decision-makers and operational staff must imperatively have the right data on all their third parties, delivered at the right time, via the right tool to manage it.

Ellisphere responds precisely to these different challenges.

Share the right information on companies, Ellisphere’s expertise

Business relationships of trust in BtoB require a minimum of transparency of economic, financial and extra-financial information between companies.

Ellisphere, through the richness and quality of its solutions, thus intervenes throughout the commercial relationship in BtoB, from the start of the relationship to compliance issues, including the management of inter-company credit and the risk of fraud. .

Leader in business information, Ellisphere shows the way by building for many years solutions and services allowing the sharing of data necessary for the proper functioning of commercial relations between economic actors around the world. Helping to establish a climate of trust between companies is the company’s credo. The success of his program D3 attests to this: the collection and consolidation of payment experiences to improve visibility on third parties via payment behavior indicators. An innovative tool available to professionals in finance departments.

Ellisphere: leader in information to build relationships of trust in BtoB
Ellisphere: information leader to build relationships of trust in BtoB © Ellisphere

Online solutions that are easy to access and use

Since 2020 and the undermining of traditional balances, professionals, particularly in financial departments, have refocused on the fundamentals: bringing in cash and paying suppliers; thereby preventing risks, from the risk of illiquidity to the ultimate risk of default by their trading partners.

To meet this challenge, Ellisphere declines its offer in two major areas.

The first is to offer legal, economic, financial and extra-financial data sourced, updated, monitored, easily accessible and usable on a daily basis.. To do this, Ellisphere offers two innovative online platforms: Ellipro, the risk management information platform and the platform Compliance For Business for compliance issues Sapin II type. Both meet the new challenges of knowing third parties in BtoB, from entering into a relationship to managing the existing portfolio.

… The second axis, tailor-made tools

Beyond data, operational staff also need business experts (data scientists, financial analysts, technical sales representatives) who can support them in the choice and implementation of decision-making tools (credit management, purchases).

This support requires the deployment of solutions, sometimes tailor-made, with high added value, responding precisely to the specific challenges of each company: organization and internal processes, information systems, ecosystem, activity. Like the tailor-made scoring on the probability of business failure offered by Ellisphere, designed with and for user companies. Combining data from Ellisphere with company data, this solution is built with the end customer in order to be as close as possible to their customer and supplier risk management needs. Tailor-made scoring can be based on different methodologies such as business rules and/or artificial intelligence algorithms. It is a real decision-making aid in risk management by directly integrating the business and technological ecosystem of the user company. By optimizing their decision-making process, professionals can thus focus on files with the highest added value.

With its unique business expertise and data repository, Ellisphere remains resolutely turned towards the future by pursuing its innovation strategy in favor of economic players: building solutions today that meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Ellisphere: leader in information to build relationships of trust in BtoB

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