France: an environment conducive to the adoption of cloud computing

France, like the rest of the European Union, has played a key role in the adoption of cloud-based systems.

France’s cloud policy, the guardian of individual rights and freedoms in the era of the digital economy, has helped build trust in providers and influenced its adoption on a wider and more diverse scale – an observation particularly revealed by a MIT Technology Review Insights study.

The study examines how the world’s leading nations have brought together cloud infrastructure, tools and applications to accelerate and transform economic productivity. France is in the top 10 of the Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022 ranking – along with some Nordic countries, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Singapore. Rankings are calculated based on the availability of infrastructure enabling cloud-centric models, such as telecommunications networks and robust computing resources. But also on the availability of talent, the extent of adoption of cloud ecosystems and the maturity of the regulatory environment supporting greater user confidence in the cloud.

It is by promoting greater user confidence in the cloud that EU countries achieve optimal results, despite the combative relationship France and many other countries have with big tech companies.

Last year the CNIL issued a record number of 18 sanctions and 135 injunctions on compliance matters. Of the 18 sanctions, she specifies that more than half concerned breaches relating to the security of personal data. “The CNIL systematically checks the security of information systems when it carries out an inspection,” the watchdog said. the GDPR, which came into effect in 2018, imposes the strictest privacy and security laws in the world. Organizations, even outside the EU, were required to comply if they targeted or collected data related to EU citizens. The study identified a fear that theEurope building a political environment very different from the rest of the world.

And yet. Rather than creating a divide, Europe’s approach has become a benchmark for data privacy and consumer privacy in the rest of the world, with global compliance and action practices regulations that are close to the GDPR and its objectives.

France leads Europe in cloud ecosystem adoption

France is the first country in Europe – and the second in the world after Singapore – for the adoption of the cloud ecosystem. The ranking reflects the extent and quality of use of cloud resources by individuals and businesses nationwide to improve their productivity and growth. It is the result of the aggregation of several indicators, including the density of organizations SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) in the economy and relative affordability of broadband prices.

The European e-commerce market has grown from 633 billion euros to 718 billion euros from 2020 to 2021. 82% of Internet users in France have purchased goods and services online. The growth of e-commerce therefore reinforces the findings of the study: the increased use of scalable and distributed computing resources makes consumer markets and industry more efficient and governments more responsive.

“Fostering greater and more efficient use of the cloud will accelerate the pursuit of digital transformation across the economy, creating a virtuous cycle for the entire cloud ecosystem – an ‘ecocycle’,” says the report. ‘study.

But more needs to be done

Last year, the French government announced a national strategy for cloud technology, believing that the cloud was now a national and strategic priority. With a “trusted cloud label” for cloud providers, and maintaining the cloud computing at the center of any new digital project in France, France seeks to accelerate digital transformation. And it wants to support industrial projects developing cloud technologies in France, with a focus on platform-as-a-service initiatives (PaaS) big data and artificial intelligence.

As MIT Technology Review Insights indicates, government leaders must continue to be both arbiters and players on the ground: pro-cloud governments favor digital channels, creating strong regulatory environments and being heavy users of cloud resources themselves. What the next phase of the ecocycle looks like in any economy will largely depend on how businesses and governments respond to the emergence and creation of new opportunities.

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France: an environment conducive to the adoption of cloud computing

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