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The human resources or HR function is a central element of any company. In fact, it is important to set up an effective system to manage it, hence the establishment of an HRIS.

An HRIS is therefore an HR management software that guarantees a good organization of the company’s personnel and everything related to it. In this file, find out what this system consists of and what is its importance.

HRIS: What is it?

The HRIS is a software created to better manage the human resources of a company. HRIS returns to Human Resources Information Service. It is attached to the HR functions management system and personnel management. However, there is a nuance between these three areas.


The HRIS and the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) offer solutions to the Human Resource Management. So there are issues of compensation, administration of social privileges and compliance rules.

But the HRIS stands out because it makes it possible to look into the question of the talents and performance of the staff. Human capital management, on the other hand, is particularly relevant to the management of people. It can be combined with the other two management systems.

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What is the function of the HRIS?

The HRIS software acts on the effectiveness of the company by helping the human resources manager thanks to a management technology. The use of this software therefore allows HR managers to support collective dynamics in an organizational environment.

So HRIS works in a certain way. Concretely, it integrates the data at the time of the entry of an employee. At this time, it collects all the necessary information about the latter. These information is stored and processed, and then come down to payroll, the distribution of social privileges based on time and attendance. This process takes place for any employee of the company, the data can be updated during special events such as promotion, bonuses, one-off increases.

The HRIS then contain the data, the company’s human resources history, performance fluctuations, tax information. They are therefore highly sought after by organizations whose objective is to develop, expand or be rigorous about the management of their employees.

The benefits of HRIS

As said before, the use of this software can influence the productivity of staff members but also the efficiency of their HR manager. Other benefits may arise, here are four specific ones.

Better decision making

Being a developed software, the HRIS has functions predictive analysis. These tools make it possible to preview part of the future data. Thanks to this, the HR function can make better decisions to increase the performance of the company. It can be a question of detecting in advance favorable moments for investment.

An optimized user experience

The presentation of the HRIS interface is very practical. HR managers work more smoothly thanks to the user-friendly tables and various applications. Tasks such as data visualization, filling, to-do lists facilitate work related to the management of staff, potential recruitments, social benefits.

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Work takes less time

Automation and Artificial Intelligence considerably reduce the intellectual and manual burdens of the HR function. Thanks to the HRIS, it is possible to manage your tasks much more easily but also avoid recruiting helpers to complete your duties. He can -thanks to this software- save more time by relying on the automatic features and analyzes that the AI ​​makes available to him. The management of payslips, the settlement of administrative paperwork, the control of future tasks are done more fluidly.

Early business development

Here, the company can tap into the wealth of cloud-based technologies which offer countless solutions. These allow more efficient management of human resources, the fluctuating mass of data as well as potential extensions to other sites. The company can then grow with complete peace of mind.

Maintained compliance

With HRIS monitoring capabilities, HR can be sure not to override data regulatory reforms. These will then be treated in the best possible way, protected at all times and used efficiently.

Some examples of HRIS systems

Businesses today are spoiled for choice when it comes to HRIS software. At ADP, they offer three versions that vary depending on the size of the company. ADP Workforce Now corresponds to medium-sized companies. It has the essential features to efficiently manage payroll, time, benefits, personnel, talent and many other options.

On the other hand, ADP Next Gen HCM is more suitable for medium-sized companies and still in the development phase. This tool has the necessary features for successful adaptation to all types of environments and all types of human needs.

For its part, ADP Vantage HCM has been designed for multinational companies, of fairly large size. American multinationals can use it for effective management of the large mass of personnel they employ.

This HRIS software helps multinationals make the most strategic decisions possible to influence their growth. It makes it possible to act on the optimal points of growth such as labor costs and turnover. The stakes of the decisions taken are at this level essential for the capital of the company.

What are the essential features that you should find in an HRIS software?

This software does not come in a single, simplified model. However, it has some essential features that should be found in every basic version.

The recruitment and integration management component

The management of hiring and firing is essential to the management of human resources. The HRIS therefore includes this component so that it can monitor the reception and reading of CVs, act to select potential candidates or check the situation of employees.

Remuneration management

HRIS helps regulate employee salary payments while leveraging tax deduction capabilities. The use of the machine avoids any human error. Depending on business requirements, the HRIS also allows HR to choose flexible compensation options.


The HRIS also allows the cross-functional administration of employee benefits within a company. These may be questions of insurance, prevention of retirement but also savings and coverage.

Compliance monitoring

The software allows you to monitor potential changes in tax and labor law. The company can therefore be sure to always act in compliance with legal regulations.

Analysis and reports

As the HRIS manages a whole mass of data, it may also have analysis tools that go with certain data. Along with the analysis comes the specific reports as requested by the HR manager. He has them to make a report, an evaluation or periodic observations concerning the management of the personnel and their information collected.

Evaluation and innovation tools

Human Resources Information System software must include tools that will make it possible to evaluate and innovate practices in an organization. Some suppliers offer benefits to their customers: innovation, product improvement, performance measurement, advisory services.

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Some tips for choosing the right HRIS software

Companies therefore gain from all points of view by using the HRIS. However, they are not required to opt uniformly for a popular version or a standard version. They can rely on the following tips to choose the right software for their needs.

The first step is to define needs, problems, and challenges that human resources management currently defines within the company. Once these elements have been defined, companies need to know how the HRIS could help them solve them. Then companies can make a list of requirements what they therefore expect from the software. And finally, they can proceed by elimination or by selection among the suppliers who provide the software to choose what suits them best.

It should be kept in mind that an HRIS software must meet a list of needs that fit over time. He must therefore help those responsible for the HR function to manage news but also to anticipate potential future events. This durable nature of software is highly sought after, indeed, no company would like to have to change software too often and developers are working on it.

In conclusion, the HRIS is a software that allows HR to better manage the staff of a company regardless of their number. There are different versions of it depending on the sizes, objectives and requirements of contemporary organizations. Even though there are different versions, the most basic versions still contain the essentials. Like any software, the Human Resources Information System evolves over time and presents innovative functionalities available for update or purchase. They particularly stand out at this time when Artificial Intelligence is reforming work management technology.

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HRIS: All about the Human Resources Information System –

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