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The website human errorThe use of outdated software and the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) are among the biggest vulnerabilities businesses face in the cybersecurity challenge.

Identifying weaknesses is crucial for businesses to preserve and protect their documentation, as cybercriminals develop increasingly sophisticated technologies to steal information.

As noted by VentureBeat, the data comes from an identity and access management research report created by . Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 85% of information technology (IT) and cybersecurity professionals agree with adopting passwordless access systems.

These data indicate that the establishment of this type of business strategies can jeopardize the security structure of companies, which depends directly on the workers themselves most of the time.

So much so that, as IBM discovered, human error contributes, at least in part, to the increase in the number of road accidents. 95% of all data breaches in email scam attacks, a method known as Phishing.

That’s why VentureBeat warns that although Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks represent only a small fraction of cybercrime, they generate substantial annual losses, estimated at more than $345 million.

In order to eliminate this problem, business owners are recommended to implement the so-called method zero-trust email security systems.

These are strategic models designed to protect digital business environments. They are characterized by the fact that everyone who tries to connect to their organizational system must take part in a verification process. Once successful, they are granted access.

It is therefore desirable that business leaders make their employees aware of the risks associated with practices such as “phishing” or “smishing” (SMS fraud) and that they adopt trust authorization measures, as well as comprehensive security practices for the following mitigate this vulnerability.


After human error, outdated software is perhaps one of the greatest cybersecurity vulnerabilities on a personal level, but especially on a business level.

The older the version of this software suite and the fewer security patches it contains, the more time attackers had to… determine their attack vectors.

Some companies use popular customer service management software (CMS) Drupal 7 and 8. However, these versions are losing support, so it is worth upgrading to the latest version, Drupal 9, to protect computers.

Cryptocurrency wallets and their payment systems also pose a greater threat if they are outdated. Therefore, companies involved in the trading of these assets should employ decentralized digital identity (DDID).

These systems allow the creation of a unique identity for each user and integrate private keys to carry out the process of authorizing access to the system.

Misuse of AI by cybercriminals can also put a company’s data security at risk. Indeed, hackers have found new tools to attack.

Among them Emotet, an offensive AI prototype originally designed as banking malware with which cybercriminals can lock and restart employee computers in the background.

To prevent such intrusions, platforms such as Ivanti Neurons, which also use AI, are used, able to close security gaps and developing service management systems such as automated configurations.

However, very few companies have chosen to implement such defensive AI solutions. Specifically, only 8% of them did, according to Ventiv Technology.

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Human error, outdated software and offensive AI are among the main vulnerabilities in companies – Benin Actu

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