Improve the quality of care and the patient experience with a “smart” Wi-Fi network

It is no longer a secret to anyone: the Wi-Fi network has become a key element for healthcare organizations seeking to achieve their objectives in terms of quality of care, efficiency and patient safety. Much more than a convenience, this wireless connectivity has become fundamental for managing the mobility of people and equipment, but also the fluidity of information transmission between the services and devices used.

With more than 178 hospitals and more than 1,000 patients in its establishments, the administration in charge of monitoring veterans (Department of Veterans Affairs) is the largest integrated health system in the United States. It manages more than nine million veterans each year. To improve the experience and service for these veterans, it decided to equip itself with Juniper’s Mist AI solution. ” We had three main challenges to overcome, says Jeff Saura, CTO Emerging Healthcare and Technology Veterans Health Administration (VHA). We wanted to improve the reception experience for patients, better track essential equipment and patient safety and finally engage more actively with patients, in other words more personal involvement thanks to technology. “.

The campus of the Department of Veterans Affairs at Lake Nona (Orlando-Florida) covers 24 hectares. The hospital, for its part, occupies 120 hectares! It is therefore easy to understand to what extent a reliable and efficient Wi-Fi coverage was not only essential for the quality of care, but also a real technological challenge. Monitoring of people flows to be able to locate a patient or a doctor at any time, localization of medical equipment to respond to an emergency, data transmission for optimized patient monitoring… “ Basically I believe that Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and technology ecosystems are the way forward to create better experiences, more personalized for our veterans. And that’s exactly what we are currently developing with Juniper’s Mist AI. “, explains Jeff Saura.

For the CTO of the VHA service, Mist AI was the only solution on the market capable of helping his organization meet the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare sector: “ Geolocation inside buildings has become essential. The AI ​​embedded in Mist AI and Marvis not only improves the overall experience of those who manage the network, but also that of those who use it. Of course, I had to familiarize myself with new concepts, such as controllers based in the cloud and no longer locally. And the least we can say is that these new approaches are great “.

In fact, with such a mission-critical Wi-Fi network of such scale, the Mist AI approach allows you to take full advantage of the advantages of an SDN. Network operations are simplified by a centralized interface combined with intelligence that multiplies automation, improves network reliability and provides more flexibility and agility in bandwidth management. And that is precisely what the Department of Veterans Affairs needed to provide the highest quality of care possible to its veterans.

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Improve the quality of care and the patient experience with a “smart” Wi-Fi network

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