IT: The real trends for 2023

As New Year’s Eve approaches, everyone will go there with their IT forecasts for the coming year, like so many balls clinging to the Christmas tree… Until they hide it!…

Analyzes and brilliant ideas can have the perverse effect of making people forget the reality of organizations’ information systems. To move forward in 2023, it is from this that we must start.

Robotization? Data-driven organization? Artificial intelligence ? Metavers? We can always try to have a “visionary” approach to what companies, administrations and local authorities should expect on the technological side in 2023. At the end of 2022, the setbacks of the giants of the tech’ – abysmal losses on the stock market and massive layoffs – will nuance the optimism of the circumstances. In fact, for some organizations, these trends will grace the roadmaps, if only out of fear that the competition will engage in them.

Faced with this, there is less risk of making mistakes in projections by staying as close as possible to the needs of organizations and reaffirming a few truths. Let us dwell on four of them.

  1. GED: In 2023, no one will find the solution for documents to manage themselves. To meet this need, electronic document management (EDM) responds. Organizations still make it a major concern, EDM remains a pillar of their activities, a gateway to their information.
  2. Work collaborative : In 2023, employees will still need to work together. Mobility, telecommuting, innovation, cross-functional team projects: these contexts call for collaborative solutions or functionalities. We are far from having reached a plateau in this area.
  3. Microsoft: In 2023, Microsoft will continue to be ubiquitous in desktops. Windows remains the most widespread operating system (60% of PCs) and Microsoft 365 the most used office suite. Far from being a dinosaur, Microsoft is constantly enriching its offer. For example, Teams, its videoconferencing solution, places it as a leader in the field.[1]. It is therefore not a question of making a clean sweep of these decades of experience, but rather of seeking to maximize its investment in Microsoft.
  4. Proximity: In 2023, to perfect their Ged and strengthen collaborative work, French private and public organizations will still be looking for local partners specializing in Microsoft products and technologies. Because they are able to know their business needs in context, are physically or virtually available, are experienced in the challenges of managing change, are concerned about digital sovereignty and follow an eco-responsible approach.

Let’s take the bet that, in a year, these four truths will still be good to say!

[1] Source: Gartner firm, October 2021.

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IT: The real trends for 2023

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