Lutessia is an artificial intelligence to analyze cryptocurrencies

Lutessia is the first artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the price charts of all cryptocurrencies. If you need a technical analysis of Bitcoin at a given moment or if you are looking for trading opportunities on various altcoins, this AI meets all your needs!

Created in 2019 by CentralChartsthe Lutessia artificial intelligence immediately appealed to all investors looking for technical analysis, trading opportunities and cryptocurrency trading signals:

  1. Analyzing cryptocurrencies is a long and tedious job.
  2. Each cryptocurrency must be analyzed over several units of time before being able to determine trade opportunities to seize. The time spent analyzing crypto charts causes all traders to miss a significant number of trading opportunities!
  3. From this observation, the CentralCharts team focused its work on the development of an artificial intelligence that would meet the needs of all crypto traders and investors.

What is Lutessia artificial intelligence?

Lutessia works with Big Data (large panel of data) which represents more than 19 million updated results thanks to more than 135 million calculations running in a loop:

– All price history
– 9 calculation periods and 4 time units
– 18 technical indicators
– 6 market scanners (charts, Japanese candlesticks, technical indicators, volumes, gaps and records)
– More than 150 detections from these 6 market scanners
– More than 120 trend or momentum signals from technical indicators and moving averages
– The resistances and support, as well as the ProRealTrend of the ProRealTime platform.

From this BIG DATA, Lutessia manages to generate a technical analysis that will be easily readable and interpretable by all investors. In seconds, it performs analytical work that would have required hours for any professional technical analyst.

Lutessia is an artificial intelligence to analyze cryptocurrencies
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But Lutessia’s analysis does not stop at a few plots on a graph! It offers traders all the elements that allowed it to generate this analysis. On each trade opportunity or analysis, the AI ​​details all the data and signals from the scanners and other CentralCharts analysis tools.

Analyze a cryptocurrency with Lutessia

With a simple click on its avatar, Lutessia subscribers can request the AI ​​to obtain its analysis on the cryptocurrency of their choice:

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After selecting a time unit, subscribers immediately receive AI analysis and opinion on their favorite cryptocurrency.

If this analysis does not reach objective 1 set by the AI, the credit that has been consumed is REFUNDED!

Each month, Lutessia subscribers benefit from 40 credits to request the AI ​​at any time on the cryptocurrency and the time unit of their choice.

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Receive trade opportunities with Lutessia

If Lutessia allows you to obtain an analysis at a given time on your cryptocurrency, this is not necessarily the best time to intervene! Indeed, the price can just as easily be located close to objective 1 as to the invalidation threshold when generating your technical analysis. Indeed, Lutessia only offers you its analysis at a given moment…

That’s why CentralCharts created the service ” Lutessia Opportunities !

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Lutessia artificial intelligence constantly scans all cryptocurrencies to directly offer you its best analyzes and new trading opportunities. For each opportunity selected by the AI, the profit/risk ratio is always higher than 1:1 and can reach 1:8 on the best offered opportunities.

As a Lutessia subscriber, you are notified BY EMAIL and on CentralCharts as soon as an opportunity arises. You are free to configure your lists/alerts so that you only receive trading opportunities on your favorite cryptocurrencies!

My Lutessia Dashboard

Your Lutessia dashboard will allow you to follow your subscription, your AI analyses, your credits and the latest opportunities by market:

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And with the latest “Lutessia Trends” tool, follow live the AI ​​opinion on a complete market or on a list of the cryptocurrencies you have in your portfolio:

1651632694 224 Lutessia is an artificial intelligence to analyze cryptocurrencies

Here, permanent AI scans are used. Lutessia does not select trade opportunities but uses all its scans to offer its overall opinion on a crypto portfolio, on a list of instruments or on the financial market of your choice.

Subscribe to Lutessia

Subscription to Lutessia is offered at the price of €29.90 per month. A 20% reduction is offered if you subscribe for 6 months.

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Upon subscription, you benefit from FULL access to artificial intelligence services:

  • Request for analysis on a cryptocurrency with IA credits
  • Receive trade opportunity by EMAIL
  • Access to the Lutessia Trends tool to follow the overall opinion of Lutessia on your portfolio, a list or a market.
  • Access to the Lutessia Dashboard to manage everything about your subscription and all the options.


Need to test Lutessia before actually subscribing to the subscription?

CentralCharts offers a “discovery offer” which allows you to test all of Lutessia’s services for 7 days under the same conditions as a subscribed member. This offer includes 10 AI credits:

1651632694 733 Lutessia is an artificial intelligence to analyze cryptocurrencies

You have a question ?

Here are the answers to the questions that can be found in the LUTESSIA FAQs :

  1. What is the difference between IA credits and Lutessia Opportunities?
  2. What is the difference between your artificial intelligence and an automatic trading system?
  3. Does Lutessia improve automatically after each analysis?
  4. Should the success rate improve over time?
  5. What is the AI ​​performance rate?
  6. How long are IA credits valid for?
  7. An analysis does not seem relevant to me. What to do?
  8. Why do some analysis charts include 1, 2 or 3 technical indicators?
  9. If I request an analysis of the same instrument on another UT does it cost me another IA credit?
  10. Does a request for an expert opinion on an AI analysis also cost 1 AI credit?
  11. Is it relevant to request a new analysis from the artificial intelligence if an analysis has already been published?
  12. Analyzes can only be reimbursed if they are invalidated?

Do not hesitate to ask your question in the comments of this FAQ or to write directly by email to the CentralCharts team. They will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest the money you can afford to lose.

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Lutessia is an artificial intelligence to analyze cryptocurrencies

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