Mercedes: AI at the service of autonomous driving and safety

The Mercedes S-Class is optionally equipped with the Drive Pilot system, developed in the Vision EQXX.

Mercedes has just given an overview of its key innovations that will define its vehicles of the future, including artificial intelligence at the heart of its strategy. The main objective being to maximize vehicle safety and autonomous driving.

It is clear that digital innovations will be the main assets that will drive the desire for luxury individual mobility in the future. Customers increasingly view luxury in terms of values ​​and benefits that go beyond physical experiences. They are looking for invaluable goods such as driving comfort and technologies designed to ensure their safety. Recognizing this, Mercedes continues to elevate the driving experience to high levels and gives new meaning to in-vehicle technology. The most recent proof of this is the Mercedes Vision EQXX. It’s a blueprint for the future of electric vehicle efficiency, but also a radically new approach to user/user interface driven by software and artificial intelligence. Indeed, the Vision EQXX is equipped with the “Drive Pilot” system.

Developed especially for this concept, because it is innovative from the brand with the star, this system makes Mercedes the first car manufacturer in the world to receive the first international approval for conditional automated driving (level 3 of the Electronic Archiving System SAE). In detail, the “Drive Pilot” relies on the environment sensors of the Driving Assistance Pack. It includes additional sensors that Mercedes considers essential for safe conditional automated driving. These include LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), as well as a camera in the rear window, especially to detect blue lights and other signals from emergency vehicles. A humidity sensor is also present in the wheel arch. This system is also available, as an option, for the Mercedes S-Class.

Partially automated driving (Intelligent Drive)

In 2022, the star manufacturer aims to equip its vehicles with a second pack offered in the Vision EQXX: the “Intelligent Drive” pack. The latter includes a variety of driver assistance functions for partially automated driving (SAE Level 2). On all types of roads, with the help of the “Distronic” active distance assistant, the vehicle can automatically maintain the preset distance to cars in front. In the speed range of 60 to 250 km/h, the Active Steering Assistant provides lane-keeping assistance. It uses a camera to identify lane markers and lane boundaries and helps minimize unintended lane departures.

When transferring to the neighboring lane, the system provides cooperative assistance. In addition, during the night, the intelligent lighting provided in combination with Digital Light has the role of detecting the behavior of the driver on the road. If the driver is permanently pulled out of the road while driving, the Active Emergency Stop Assistant reacts by slowing the vehicle in its own lane to a standstill.

Automated parking

In the same vein, Mercedes has designed the “Intelligent Park Pilot”. It allows automated parking in car parks equipped with the corresponding infrastructure. The system then makes it possible to drive to and from a reserved parking space automatically. The system makes life easier for the driver who is required to park his vehicle only in a designated drop-off area of ​​the car park and initiate the parking procedure via his smartphone. If the app confirms that vehicle control has been taken over by the automated valet parking infrastructure, the driver can leave the parking lot. The vehicle starts automatically and drives to its reserved parking space, guided by the parking sensors. It stops in front of any obstacle such as pedestrians or other vehicles. On his return, the driver can hail the vehicle with a simple command on his smartphone. This then goes to a designated pick-up area.

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Mercedes: AI at the service of autonomous driving and safety

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