Microsoft emphasizes remote working security with Windows 11 update

Microsoft has added important security features to Windows 11 2022 Update that will help businesses protect remote workers from potential cyberattacks.

These features include Windows Credential Guard to secure authentication data, Smart App Control to block untrusted or unsigned apps, and Defender SmartScreen to alert users to malicious apps or fraudulent or compromised websites. Microsoft has enabled all of these features by default, fulfilling a promise made earlier this year.

Some of these Windows 11 features deviate from the Windows 10 code base, making them available only on the latter operating system, said Forrester Research analyst Andrew Hewitt. These improvements are unlikely to trigger a massive movement of businesses to Windows 11, but they could appeal to companies about to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

“This will accelerate the adoption of Windows 11 beyond where it is today. »

Andrew HewittAnalyst, Forrester Research

“This will accelerate the adoption of Windows 11 beyond what it is now,” said Andrew Hewitt.

In June, Windows 11 usage hit 23.1%, but trailed Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 10 21H2, which were at 23.9% and 38.2%, respectively. according to AdDuplex. AdDuplex bases its numbers on apps that use its SDK to leverage its cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps and games. Microsoft does not provide usage figures.

Windows Credential Guard is present on computers with Windows 11 Enterprise. Credential Guard uses microvirtualization to isolate authentication data and make it accessible only to privileged system software.

Meanwhile, Smart App Control blocks untrusted or unsigned apps, preventing employees from downloading malicious, legitimate-looking apps.

Smart App Control uses artificial intelligence to determine if an app is running a safe process. The AI ​​evaluates the process based on data from Microsoft on what is normal and abnormal.

Microsoft created Smart App Control for small businesses that don’t administer their devices. For businesses, Microsoft offers Windows Defender Application Control.

Finally, Defender SmartScreen alerts users when they enter their Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Active Directory credentials into malicious applications or compromised or even fraudulent websites. It also issues warnings when people reuse passwords in other apps or websites or store passwords in insecure environments, such as Notepad.

More security enhancements are on the menu, with Windows Autopatch for businesses with a Windows Enterprise E3 or higher subscription. This managed service, launched in July, uses Windows Update for Business customer policies and deployment tools to keep Windows, Teams, Edge browser, and 365 apps up to date. up to date.

Windows 11 2022 Update is available through Windows Update for Business.

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Microsoft emphasizes remote working security with Windows 11 update

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