Montereau. 60 new cameras installed in the city by 2026

While Montereau now has just under 70 CCTV cameras spread throughout the city, this figure is expected to practically double over the next five years. (©Pixabay)

Long considered a “dangerous” town, Montereau has done everything to get rid of its bad reputation by strengthening its security system over the past twenty years. security.

A policy that involves, in particular, the installation of a large number of CCTV cameras all over the city. Today, the municipality takes into account 66a number that is expected to double by 2026.

Modernize the security system

Indeed, Monday, March 28, during the last municipal council, the town hall voted its new urban safety master plan for the period 2022-2026, which provides for a major extension of the video protection network with the installation of 60 new cameras over the next five years (including 2022).

“These new cameras will be installed in places called ‘sensitive’ such as playgrounds, school entrances, etc. And we are also going to renew old and obsolete cameras”, specifies the mayor of Montereau, James Cheron.

It should be noted that the entire work contract for the renewal and installation of cameras is estimated at approximately €1,500,000.

In addition to this first point, the master plan for urban security also involves the modernization of the CSU : the urban supervisor center, run by the municipal police.

This modernization is done in three different ways. The first, and most obvious, simply concerns the moving house of the CSU in new larger premises located at the corner of rue de la Faïencerie and rue Victor Hugo, starting this year.

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The second aspect of this modernization lies in the implementation of best means of communication. Thus, a fiber optic network specific to the town hall will soon be deployed with the aim of improving the quality of video surveillance images.

“This fiber will be used, in the continuity of this program, to connect all communal facilities to facilitate the management of buildings (access control, regulation of heating and lighting, reinforcement of computer networks in schools), the deployment of Wifi in public spaces, the intelligent management of public lighting, remote management parking with the sending of the locations of available places, etc. », Explains the municipality.

Finally, third and last point of this rejuvenation given to the CSU: the integration of theartificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the processing of the image by the agents present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This will, for example, make it possible to send alerts to operators (presence of people in specific sectors at abnormal times, reinforcement of video verbalization at traffic light intersections, etc.).

“No one aspires to become a criminal”

An update of the technological means which will undoubtedly make it possible to lower the figures of the delinquency in the town, but will it be enough to completely restore the image of Montereau? The mayor of the city is in any case convinced.

Thus, when James Chéron is asked if Montereau is a safer city today than in the early 2000s, the elected official answers bluntly.

“It is the inhabitants themselves who say so. If we compare the Montereau of 20 or 30 years ago with the Montereau of 2022, it is certain that the town is calmer, more secure. First of all thanks to the inhabitants, who are the main players in this security, but also thanks to the strong presence of the municipal police, the network of cameras, as well as the mediation policy set up by the municipality,” he says.

Indeed, for the first city councilor from Monterrey, the security aspect should only arrive in a second step. To regain some form of security in the city, James Chéron believes that it has also been important to put in place for many years preventive measures.

“This involves education, integration, training, mediation, etc. No one aspires to become a delinquentI don’t believe that being a delinquent is a goal in life for anyone,” he concludes.

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Montereau. 60 new cameras installed in the city by 2026

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