Nevers Agglomeration optimizes the operation of its drinking water networks thanks to artificial intelligence

In early April, during the AI ​​Festival in Cannes, Nevers Agglomeration and the LACROIX group signed an experimental project focused on innovation and artificial intelligence dedicated to water networks. This agreement, which is part of the strategy of developing an intelligent territory at the service of the users of Nevers Agglomeration, will make it possible to anticipate incidents in the water network and thus reduce water losses thanks to the AI.

Nevers Agglomeration, which brings together thirteen municipalities of the Nièvre, 85,000 inhabitants, aims to meet the challenges of ecological transition, attractiveness and employment, by investing in particular in the fields of digital and new technologies. . It also initiated the International Summit for Innovation in Median Cities (SIIViM) with the city of Shawinigan, which is organized alternately in Nevers and in this Quebec city. Smart Water is one of its priorities.

Partnership with Groupe Lacroix

In 2014, the local authority signed a first agreement with the Lacroix company, allowing it to use its SOFREL PCWin2 software to manage its 360km of water networks. This supervision solution makes it possible to centralize and control the data obtained by data loggers (data loggers) to remotely control the performance of water networks.

5,000 pieces of data collected each day go back to the servers, are managed by the PCWin2 intranet supervision and can be queried on PCs but also on telephones and tablets. Thus, 200,000 m3 have been saved each year thanks to this first partnership.

Leverage even more data

Nevers Agglomeration now wants to go further thanks to AI to anticipate possible incidents on the network and react quickly when abnormal consumption is observed.

It therefore turned to the LACROIX Innovation Lab to add its mapping and invoicing databases to those of PCWin2. Consumption anomalies are detected, the sector determined and, by cross-referencing the billing database and real-time data, the leak is located.

Denis Thuriot, Mayor of Nevers and President of Nevers Agglomeration, declares:

“I want to make Nevers Agglomeration an example of a smart city. Our objective, by investing in high-performance technologies, is to provide an efficient and reliable service to fellow citizens with the aim of improving their daily lives. The innovation defended through this prototype of the LACROIX Innovation lab responds in all respects to our challenges of performance, durability and respect for the environment that we have set ourselves. »

Fabrice PACCAMICCIO, head of the Nevers Agglomeration water authority, explains:

“Thanks to this system, our teams will now be able to react in real time to an anomaly. They will be able to set up a preventive intervention, which can avoid a technical breakage with serious consequences, both functional and financial. »

Preserve water resources

Fresh water is a rare commodity, yet the needs are growing whether for agriculture, a major consumer, industry or domestic use. However, in France, more than a quarter of drinking water is lost during its transport in the networks. Optimizing operating networks in order to reduce this loss is a crucial issue for local authorities and consumption costs are the two main objectives of this agreement.

Stéphane Gervais-Ducouret, Executive VP Strategic Innovation & Smart Data at LACROIX, says:

“Thanks to the experimentation set up for Nevers Agglomeration, we want to develop an AI offer dedicated to water networks and adapted to each city and territory, in terms of deployment and costs. Within LACROIX, the innovation team and the design office work in close collaboration, which allows us to be ever more ambitious in the innovations we offer. »

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Nevers Agglomeration optimizes the operation of its drinking water networks thanks to artificial intelligence

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