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Nextbase and Vodafone have teamed up to connect and make your vehicle smart

Nextbase, European leader in the dashcam marketand Vodafone, world leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), recently announced an exclusive partnership to bring IoT connectivity to the dash cam industry. Featuring the latest car IoT connectivity solution operated Europe-wide by Vodafone, Nextbase iQ will make any vehicle safer, smarter and more secure for years to come.

Nextbase iQ offers all the safety and security of best-in-class smart technology, accessible through the all-new Nextbase iQ app. This partnership significantly improves drivers’ access to connected functions, such as radar detection, smart parking and Emergency SOS, across Europe. These features enable any vehicle, regardless of age, model or specification, to reach or even exceed a new level of connectivity and innovation.

Unlike ordinary SIM cards, Vodafone’s IoT connection allows Nextbase iQ to access multiple mobile network operators, avoiding dead spots that standard single-operator SIM cards cannot fill, to provide a solution with greater geographic scope. Additionally, Vodafone’s IoT solution is specifically designed to ensure maximum security through a dedicated network architecture that is not shared with the general public.

Nextbase iQ is a “living product”, which means that it will constantly evolve and additional features will be added.

A dedicated Ambarella chip with Artificial Intelligence enables Nextbase IQ to continuously and remotely deploy other industry-leading driver technology upgrades via the Nextbase Cloud, providing access to the latest safety and security features for the coming years.

The hardware power level will allow us to continue to enhance the product offering in the future with new AI-powered services and functions, such as sophisticated AI-powered ADAS systems, DMS, communication V2V and community incident awareness.

Presentation of connected functions:

  • Three-camera 4K IR video system – Brilliantly sharp images in all circumstances
  • Access to real-time live viewanytime and anywhere (not in Germany) – connect and view live with your car.
  • Radar detection – detection of the presence, direction and distance of other road users
  • Roadwatch AI technology patented technology enables real-time monitoring of the speed and trajectory of other vehicles in order to anticipate and record incidents inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Emergency SOS – Automatically alerts emergency services with location and other vital details following a serious accident.
  • Real-time tracking with ultra-accurate built-in GPS location beacon and real-time synchronized video
  • Smart Sense Parking – intelligent monitoring system from Nextbase Spatial Awareness technology based on AI, captures critical moments before and after any parking incident
  • Driver Aware (DMS) (later) – intelligent driver monitoring system to combat distraction and/or drowsy driving.
  • Vehicle Aware (ADAS) (later) – advanced driver assistance system, which monitors the road and cars ahead, warning drivers of danger to vehicles and pedestrians.


Nextbase IQ will be available in the second quarter of 2023 in Europe. Prices will be available in early 2023.

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Nextbase and Vodafone have teamed up to transform your vehicle – Vonguru

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