Nomadia optimizes the rounds of delivery people, technicians and salespeople

The Nomadia group was born from the merger of three entities: B&B Market, Geoconcept and Danem. The publisher aims to become one of the major leaders in smart mobility solutions, with a portfolio of solutions covering three main audiences: sales forces, technicians and delivery drivers.

The company now has 170 employees, serving 1,500 customers. Nomadia solutions are used by more than 165,000 users worldwide. The potential of the company is underlined by Gartner, which cites Nomadia in its Magic Quadrant dedicated to Field Service Management. “While we don’t have the size of the leaders in the sector, we are able to deliver solutions that are just as innovative and agile”, summarizes Fabien Breget, CEO of Nomadia.

Better manage teams and better organize rounds

Nomadia’s solutions meet three major challenges. First of all, a sectorisation issue, with a distribution of resources on the ground calculated according to the distribution of the clientele. The company’s tools make it possible to balance rounds, but also to optimize the openings and closings of local agencies.

A planning issue. Nomadia’s solutions allow delivery people to offer very precise delivery slots, taking into account both the customer’s availability and the delivery person’s distance. Better planned, rounds are more efficient, better balanced and with lower delivery or intervention failure rates. “Better organized rounds can represent up to 20% more productivity and up to 20% less fuel consumption,” emphasizes Fabien Breget. Among the company’s major clients are Cdiscount and Colis Privé.

The last challenge relates to team management. A technician may be absent, or may have fallen behind on an intervention. It is then necessary to be able to adapt in real time the schedules of each one, while preserving a fair balance on the rounds. “We recently added artificial intelligence to our tools. It makes it possible to program preventive interventions, which will reduce the rate of breakdowns, and to estimate the duration of the interventions or the skills required, in order to improve the rate of resolution of breakdowns during the intervention. Many companies use Nomadia solutions to optimize the schedules and then the rounds of their technicians: Dalkia, Engie or the RATP.

Open cloud solutions

Nomadia has relied heavily on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for the deployment of its solutions. “This facilitates access to our products. Within days, a company can start using our applications. And if it wants to go further, APIs make it possible to connect them to its information system to bring down customer data and product catalogs, then bring up billing data, for example. »

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The company is experiencing strong growth: +15% in 2021, with revenue approaching 20 million euros; + 20% expected in 2022. This figure should increase to 60 million euros within four years. From the French leader, Nomadia intends to quickly become the European leader in the sector.

“We have been helping companies for 30 years by providing rich business solutions that include route optimization. We have now become a company with a mission, with the desire to contribute to the decarbonization of deliveries and interventions. We are also responding to the shortage of talent by offering solutions that make it possible to better balance the days of salespeople, deliverers and technicians, while optimizing their rounds as much as possible,” concludes Fabien Breget.

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Nomadia optimizes the rounds of delivery people, technicians and salespeople

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