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Technological advances go hand in hand with major sporting events. A perfect opportunity to showcase their innovations, Olympic Games are, for the organizing countries, a showcase on the world representing unrivaled opportunities.

In the era of digital and artificial intelligence, technology will play a vital role in the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The organizers wish for this edition to highlight Ile-de-France and respect for the environment, all thanks to a budget of 6.2 billion euros. Public security, performance rating system, economic and societal issues, etc. Discover the AI ​​applications that will be there.

AI at the service of public safety

Beyond sporting performance of course, the deployment of security and technology during the Olympics will undoubtedly be the most striking aspect in Paris. The use of facial recognition systems, intended to ensure security and prevent the spread of the virus, has been commonplace since the Tokyo Olympics, which took place behind closed doors. To guarantee the peace of mind of the participants and the various Olympic communities, various security solutions combined with artificial intelligence will be retained by the organizers.

The use of security cameras already installed in the Olympic Village and its surroundings will be an alternative to combine technology and respect for the environment. It is not complicated to equip security cameras with AI without having to invest in next-gen models. After quick adjustments, the recording of the faces of the participants, their body temperature, the supervision of the use of masks or the counting of individuals will be possible. Other intelligent, non-visual security solutions are also possible. This is the case of crowd prediction based on data external to the event (traffic, crowds in transport, weather, etc.) or the analysis of compliance with gauges in closed places via sensors placed at strategic places.

AI and the hospitality industry for the 2024 Olympics

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry. Customer service is “THE” element that makes the difference with professionals in the travel industry and the use of AI for a personalized or even personified experience. Intelligent robots, online chatbots, virtual reality, prediction of occupancy rates or even online data analysis to optimize the services offered are all options that will be available in hotels during the 2024 Olympics. .

The organizing committee of Paris 2024 has already unveiled the list of sites that will host athletes from foreign delegations in order to prepare them. 127 locations in Ile-de-France are already doing everything to shine at this event.

Intelligent price optimization

One of the main challenges businesses and e-commerce face is implementing technology solutions to optimize every aspect of their sales funnel. In terms of price optimization, the solutions of dynamic pricing are the main application of AI that can be implemented by professionals right now.

Based on the techniques of big data and of machine-learning, they consist in automatically adapting the price of products or services according to sets of rules defined beforehand. While maintaining the competitiveness of their prices, the professionals of the 24 Olympic Games can use AI wisely to ensure their margins while optimizing their sales.

With the help of a competent AI and data science platform and thanks to the exploitation of the data they already have, recommendations for discounts, personalized prices and end-of-stock prices can be made to the leaders of ethical and transparent manner.

AI to facilitate the work of judges

The International Gymnastics Federation has confirmed for the Paris 2024 Games the use of a new assistance system based on artificial intelligence for artistic gymnastics judges. This technological innovation which debuted at the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships for different events does not remove the role of the judges but helps them to calculate the difficulty value of the elements and to process the complaints made by the gymnasts. The system is based on a AI detection 3D ; a camera equipped with a 3D sensor captures the gymnast’s movements, the images and data are transmitted to a computer which projects a graphic image of the performance.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has already been loaded with technological advancements with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to improve the experience of audiences and athletes. The International Olympic Committee wants to go further and the Paris 2024 games seem promising.

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Paris 2024 Olympic Games: four artificial intelligence applications that will be there! -Forbes France

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