Pilo: a smart pillow to fight stress

“Pilo was my graduation project and we have been developing it for three years with my partner. » Lucile Chabre, 29, is a product designer specializing in innovation. With Guillaume Roche, 34, an electronics engineer, she created, seven months ago, the company Pilo, based at the technopole Unvalleyedin Meylan.

A graduate of the Strate school in Sèvres (92), Lucile Chabre chose to deal with the problem of stress and insomnia as part of her graduation project. “In addition, I have a family mainly made up of doctors and I have quite a few people who have suffered burnouts in my close circle. The idea was to understand how this happens and what we can do concrete and simple to implement a solution. »

A solution that takes the form of a pillow and is inspired by the fundamentals of meditation and yoga, namely the rhythm of breathing, in a way that is accessible to everyone. “Cardiac coherence, which is used in the Pilo cushion, is a medical principle used for stress and pain management. » The principle is as follows: “By regulating your breathing, you regulate the heart rate and calm the autonomic nervous system, which is unbalanced in the event of stress. »

Faced with the rising cost of raw materials

Three years of research were needed to come up with an intelligent cushion capable of responding to all manifestations of stress through a system of vibrations. “Everyone reacts very differently to stress. That’s why we developed an artificial intelligence code: The cushion senses the user’s breathing and adapts accordingly. He understands our emotional state at the moment T and intelligently adapts to the needs by offering a personalized session. »

The vibrations emitted by the Pilo cushion adapt according to the level of stress of each one. ©Pilo

The production of the cushions will be ensured by the company Applic Technologies Electroniques Microelectronics (Aptem), manufacturer of electronic equipment, based in Annecy. Regarding raw materials, notably cotton, the two partners are in discussion with a supplier capable of ensuring the desired production volume (1,000 cushions per year to start). “We managed to secure the supply of the components needed for our electronic card, but it’s complicated for all the raw materials at the moment. We take 20% off everything. We hope that it will not continue to increase otherwise it could be complicated. »

The two partners carried out eco-design work in order to reduce superfluous raw materials as much as possible. “For example, at the beginning, our cushions had a zipper. We removed it so as not to need an additional plastic product. »

In specialized stores at the start of the school year

As for consumer distribution: “We are in negotiations with a national chain so that our cushion will be sold in specialized stores from the start of the school year. »

It should be noted that the project benefited from a French Tech grant from BPIFrance of €30,000. “For our innovation project, we had tripartite fundingconcludes Lucile Chabre: a loan of honor by Grenoble Alpes Active Initiative, a loan from BPIFrance and the French Tech grant, in addition to our bank loan for comprehensive support on our development project. »


Four solutions are proposed, with adapted vibration systems: “It can be taken for all needs or for the following four main categories: stress prevention, insomnia, management of anxiety attacks and the latest: the purring cushion which creates a presence and sensory comfort to calm anxieties. especially younger or older people. » Lucile and Guillaume have registered catsand reproduces the hum in vibrations.

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Pilo: a smart pillow to fight stress

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