Razer Seiren BT review, the microphone for your mobile smartphones

Razer diversifies and offers a new product for streamers on the move. Here is the Razer Seiren BT and we have been testing it for a few weeks.

We have seen it for some time, Razer is diversifying in every way and it was last month that the American firm announced a new kind of product for streamers and videographers. But not just anyone, since it is streamers and mobile videographers that Razer is targeting. So here is the Razer Seiren BT (for Bluetooth) and it is intended to work with a smartphone.

It is true that when we talk about streamers, we often think of a well-established sedentary installation. We do not necessarily think of those who produce more and more content in a situation of mobility. This is how the Seiren BTa Bluetooth microphone that allows more flexibility when you’re on the move.

Design and who is it for?

As a result, we know that some already think that a smartphone is more than enough in itself and that we do not necessarily need an additional microphone. Potentially true, but there are situations where the Seiren BT can come in handy. We think in particular of living rooms, for example, which are often noisy and the directional microphone can be useful. That’s not all, with the Seiren BT, you can get away from your smartphone and when you’re streaming or live and you like to be able to show things, it’s quite practical in real life.

Razer Seiren BT

In short, the interest of such a product will depend on the needs of each one but with Bluetooth and an autonomy of around six hours, you can move away from your smartphone up to 10/15 meters and keep the same audio quality. The Razer Seiren BT is thus presented as a very small dongle that can be attached to your clothes and will have to be directed towards the user’s mouth since it is a directional microphone. The clip that allows you to hang the Seiren BT is light and we would have liked something stronger or a magnet system to better place it on yourself.

It is light with its 14.5g and it has a jack that will not allow you to connect a lavalier microphone as is often the case on wireless systems from Rode or DJI to name a few. Instead, headphones can be plugged in for headphone feedback from the microphone. Practice. You can also plug in a headset during gaming sessions to further reduce latency.

A questionable quality but it is really practical

On the other hand, we will be clear, this is not the best of microphones. In fact, the sound is somewhat muffled because the AI-assisted noise reduction is super aggressive at any level. So, we remind you that Razer positions the Seiren BT as a microphone for streamers and not for the most videographers. The goal is to be heard and not to compete with products like the Rode Wireless Go or DJI Mic. In live/stream conditions, it is true that it is more important to be heard than to have faithful sound.

Also, unsurprisingly, we have a quality similar to his smartphone in real life. So, if it’s to stay in front of your smartphone in a quiet environment, you won’t necessarily need it. Now, if the conditions are not ideal, the Seiren BT will be able to shine by picking up less outside sounds. It is also delivered with two small windshields to better fight against the wind outdoors.

Razer Seiren BT

In any case, the Seiren BT does the job we ask of it and if the quality of the microphone is not the best on the market, especially compared to real systems like Rode or others, we were surprised by the quality of the Bluetooth connection. There were no cuts during our tests. On top of that, we haven’t really noticed any latency in general public use. Most audiophiles will detect a small latency but in reality, it is invisible to the general public. We are still talking about a Bluetooth connection there and it is all the more impressive.

It should also be noted that native iOS or Android applications will not necessarily support Bluetooth microphones in general and it will be necessary to go through third-party applications such as Filmic Pro or Streamlabs to take advantage of Seiren BT. Yes, we know it’s inconvenient, but that’s a limitation of mobile operating systems and not Razer’s fault.

Example in video


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Razer Seiren BT review, the microphone for your mobile smartphones

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