Renault Austral, the SUV that replaces the Kadjar

On March 8, 2022, Renault presented its new electrified SUV, a fully hybrid model offering you efficient and connected technology. How and why does the Renault Astral replace the Kadjar, the flagship model of the French car brand?

Renault Austral: an athletic look

The new Renault Austral combines all codes for an SUV with the new design
Sensual Technology from Renault: its generous and sensual style is combined with dynamic lines and very precise structural details. Its LED rear lights with micro-optical technology or with a diamond pattern are integrated into its front optics.

The exterior design of the New Austral is sporty, refined and elegant
. It exudes a high-quality impression, reinforced by a geometric mastery visible at first glance, and displays ideal proportions to convey a feeling of spaciousness from the outside.

Renault Austral is available in seven body colors. In the Esprit Alpine version, it is adorned with a unique satin gray schist color which accentuates its sporty look. The tall version comes with a two-tone finish. New Austral imposes itself with
unique rims from 17 to 20 inches
most being diamond.

A gem of technology

The high-tech cockpit of the Renault Austral revolves around
its big screen OpenR
which combines the data display of a 12.3-inch dashboard with a
12-inch vertical screen dedicated to multimedia.

Adaptable brightness and optimized reflectivity
of the OpenR screen eliminate the need for a sunshade for traditional dashboards. An asset that reinforces spatial awareness by giving the dashboard a very modern floating effect.

The interior decoration of the Nouvel Austral differs from the others thanks to its
“great comfort console”. Modern and streamlined, the space for the driver and front passenger is subtly delineated. Elegant, it has a
sliding armrest who allows comfortable use of the multimedia screen
. It also offers a dedicated smartphone slot
with inductive charger and practical everyday storage.

The interior design is punctuated materials that are noble and pleasant to the touch.All giving an impression of warmth and refinement
the lighting atmosphere is customizable thanks to the integrated LIVING LIGHTS system.

Like the cars that have marked the history of Renault, the Austral is
designed to comfortably accommodate the whole family.
Rear passengers benefit from unparalleled space in their category, with a
27.4 cm knee radius.

Better performance… for a low level of consumption!

The new Renault Austral offers a range of groups
innovative powertrains with different electrification technologies
to cover all uses without changing habits:
an E-TECH hybrid system new generation that develops up to 200 horsepower. This full hybrid system combines a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine block with an electric motor powered by a 1.7 kWh 400 V battery and an intelligent automatic gearbox.

Two additional petrol engines complete the offer: a
Mild Hybrid Advanced 48V
of 130 horsepower and a Mild Hybrid 12V of 140 and 160 horsepower.

A self-charging hybrid!

The new Austral introduces an all-new
self-charging E-TECH “full-hybrid” engine
what allows you to produce more performance and driving pleasure while
reducing consumption fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

As with the previous generation E-TECH hybrid engine,
all starts are 100% electric
to offer driving pleasure specific to electrified vehicles, combining silence and responsiveness. Fitted with this new E-TECH Hybrid engine, the New Austral allows
optimal fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
for a cost of use at the best level of all hybrid SUVs available on the market.

A new platform

Renault Austral is the first model of the Renault range to benefit from the advantages of the CMF-CD platform new generation of the Alliance. Entirely renewed, it heralds a complete transformation of the ranges of the Alliance’s international brands in the compact and premium segment.

A completely redesigned driving experience

The OpenR Link is a scalable multimedia system
which makes the Renault Austral
as intuitive as a smartphone
. At the heart of the cabin, the OpenR display is packed with technology to accommodate future updates to the OpenR Link system and offer
a fluid, rich and scalable experience. It connects to the cloud and receives automatic updates via FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) technology.

The OpenR Link multimedia system integrates the best of Google services and applications:
Google Maps navigation, integrated Google voice assistant, Google Play application catalog. Like a smartphone, the OpenR Link is intuitive to use and offers many possibilities for customization.

Renault Austral offers you more than just a car

This SUV embodies a generation of connected, intelligent, scalable and flexible vehicles.
Its artificial intelligence and active driving assistance systems are based on map data available in the cloud and
help create a serene driving experience.
Designed to make life easier for drivers, the new Renault
offers a connected maintenance service.

The new Renault Austral entered the digital world on March 8 and will be
marketed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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Renault Austral, the SUV that replaces the Kadjar

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