Roborock S7: this intelligent robot replaces you behind the broom (-40%)

Best-selling during Singles Day, the Roborock S7 will be just as popular during the Black Friday period. Since this morning, an insolent offer on the excellent robot vacuum cleaner allows you to save 35% on this latest model.

The Roborock S7 is one of the most premium and affordable robot vacuums there is in 2022. It strikes the perfect balance between a reasonable price and very premium features. It cannot be compared to a basic model that lacks efficiency and precision.

At the time of its release a year ago, the Roborock S7 was sold for 549 euros. For many months, we did not see it in stock due to very strong demand. The brand is now well known and enjoys a loyal community. For Black Friday, it is not only available but you can also buy it for a cheaper price: 362 euros instead of 549 euros if you use the code BFFR55.

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To take advantage of this reduction, you will have to go to the AliExpress site. World leader in e-commerce, he decided to launch his Black Friday operation this morning. He has a close relationship with many manufacturers from Asia, which allows him to post such crazy prices. On Amazon, the product is almost 50 euros more expensive while Black Friday is in full swing.

If you decide to go for the Roborock S7 on AliExpress, you will have all the comforts of an active online merchant in France. The product warranty is included, you have free and fast delivery from a French warehouse and even a right of withdrawal. The legal minimum is 14 days during which you can make a return and obtain an unconditional refund.

A precise and ultra-efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Bad robot vacuums won’t remove dust effectively, or they’ll miss sections of the housing. The Roborock S7 does not fall into this category and it is much more premium. He also has 2 compartments in his circular robot: a space for dust and a water tray for mopping.

With a radar system, he is able to detect different surfaces and choose to use the rubber brush or the mop instead. With the latter, he is able to press no less than 3,000 times per minute to remove dirt. The same goes for the rubber brush which, thanks to its composition, will not be bothered by hair for example.

Everything has been thought out in this vacuum cleaner so that it is as efficient as possible over time. At any time, you can control or launch a passage of Roborock S7 in your home from the mobile application (since it is connected with Wi-Fi). If necessary, you can also activate it directly on the product via a discreet button on the upper part. Note that this model is also controlled by voice via Alexa for example.

How does the bot work? It comes with a charging base which is also its storage place. When he has finished a passage, he then comes directly back to the right place. To last about 3 hours in complete autonomy, it has an artificial intelligence system that allows it to optimize its course. With the cartography and the recorded elements, he can therefore optimize his cleaning time.

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Black Friday goes through AliExpress

While most active merchants in France decided to start their Black Friday last Friday, AliExpress is starting it only this Thursday. He prefers to focus on the four critical days of the operation to offer French customers great savings. This is particularly the case with this Roborock S7 which is really one of the best products in our opinion.

Of course, you can then choose to add, for example, a dump station for an additional fee. This will allow you to last 2 months without having to empty it. Otherwise, you will have to remember to empty your water and dust container approximately every 2 weeks. That said, considering the time savings it should save you, it’s not a big deal.

If you’re more of a picky eater and expect a robot vacuum that’s precise, the Roborock S7 is perfect. With its ability to mop and dust, you have a product that will work well in any home and any surface. Indeed, the robot is very precise and it will never make you a mistake on the type of mode that it will use.

What is certain is that AliExpress is spoiling you for this Black Friday. At this price, it is obvious that the Roborock S7 will go at full speed. There are absolutely no competitors in e-commerce who are able to compete with the price displayed by the Asian e-commerce site. The latter has such strong bargaining power with Roborock that he is able to obtain the lowest prices – without ever selling at a loss.

To enjoy the Roborock S7, it’s here:

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Roborock S7: this intelligent robot replaces you behind the broom (-40%)

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