Seine-e-Marne. 300 flashed drivers, welcoming Ukrainians: what to remember from the news of the week

It is the sacred union around the Ukrainian refugees in Fontainebleau (©RSM77/YV)

Monday April 11

This village of Seine-et-Marne builds social housing without it being seen

Building social housing in a village without being noticed is the challenge taken up in 2022 by Clésence in Moussy-le-Neuf. After two inaugurations, construction begins.

Tuesday April 12

Seine et Marne. Bénédicte Monville temporarily suspended from EELV
Announced candidate last week under the banner Europe Ecology-Les Verts, Bénédicte Monville because of her vote, is suspended by the environmental group.

Wednesday April 13

Montereau. 60 new cameras installed in the city by 2026
Cameras, communication, artificial intelligence: over the next few years, the City of Montereau is determined to considerably strengthen its security system.

Fontainebleau. Sacred union around Ukrainian refugees
While the number of Ukrainian refugees hosted in Fontainebleau is difficult to quantify, solidarity is in full swing. The city organized a welcome morning at the town hall.

Val d’Europe: he attacks the saleswoman who refuses to try on a bra

Around 11 a.m. this Wednesday April 13, 2022, a saleswoman from a lingerie store in the Val d’Europe shopping center in Serris was attacked for a reason that was incongruous to say the least.

Thursday April 14

Seine et Marne. He almost runs over his wife’s lover in the parking lot of Carré Sénart

On April 11, around 7 p.m., a clash between a man and his partner’s lover almost turned tragic in Carré Sénart. The husband allegedly tried to run over him.

Covid-related hospitalizations. The tension has dropped significantly at the GHEF
In Seine-et-Marne, hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 have fallen. Most patients who arrive at the hospital are surprised to be positive.

Friday April 15

Seine et Marne. What happened to this prisoner who did not want to return to prison?

Videos: currently on Actu

An inmate of Réau prison did not return after a leave. The man was found a few days later before going back to court.

Speeding in Seine-et-Marne: more than 300 drivers flashed on the N3

Thursday April 14, 2022, around fifteen gendarmes were monitoring the RN3 in Seine-et-Marne. 317 drivers were flashed and 21 lost their license.

Dogs injured in Ukraine soon ready for adoption in Seine-et-Marne

The Villevaudé refuge went to look for 21 dogs and 7 cats in Ukraine in mid-March 2022, to treat them and entrust them to foster families. Criteria must be met.

Saturday April 16

Montereau. Paris Marathon: Sébastien goes beyond his limits with his sidekick Hugo
After running the Paris half-marathon in 1h35, Krevett Runner and Hugo, a 9-year-old hemiplegic child, crossed the finish line of the marathon in an exceptional time.

Seine-et-Marne: in revenge, the gamer makes believe in a firearm attack
After a long investigation, the gendarmes of Meaux arrested on April 11, 2022 the author of two hoaxes… a young gamer who took revenge for altercations on video games.

Sunday April 17

Seine et Marne. He steals t-shirts from Go Sport in Carré Sénart but remains locked up in the store
A 31-year-old young man, after stealing t-shirts, got stuck inside the Go Sport store in Carré Sénart this Saturday afternoon.

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Seine-e-Marne. 300 flashed drivers, welcoming Ukrainians: what to remember from the news of the week

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