Series of podcasts on AI in business with Emmanuel Vignon, CEO of Sicara

On the occasion of the World AI Cannes Festival, we offer you a series of podcasts on AI in business with Emmanuel Vignon, CEO of Sicara. The company created in 2016 offers tools for companies wishing to enhance their data and take advantage of it.

The importance of data for businesses cannot be overemphasized. Knowing how to get the most out of it allows us to offer solutions for optimization, performance improvement and cost reduction. To achieve this, a data strategy is needed.

Data engineering, data science but also artificial intelligence, are essential to achieve the objectives set by companies, whether it is to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency or prevent the occurrence of risks such as fraud or regulatory non-compliance. Sicara was founded in 2016 to provide innovative solutions in this area, and we wanted to talk about it with Emmanuel Vignon, its CEO in this series of podcasts.

Science fiction readers will naturally recognize the name Sicara, derived from Arrakis, which obviously refers to Frank Herbert’s bestselling novel, Dune. For the founders of this Paris-based company, data is like the spice in the book. It is valuable and offers endless opportunities thanks to its processing by artificial intelligence.

With Emmanuel Vignon, we were interested in several themes around the use of AI for industry in particular. We first discussed the subject of industrial quality and how AI allows companies to achieve their objectives.

First episode of the podcast: How artificial intelligence allows companies to achieve their quality objectives?
This is the question we are trying to answer with Emmanuel Vignon, CEO of Sicara. If quality is relatively little measured, the cost of non-quality would reach 1 to 10% of company turnover. A significant sum that artificial intelligence can reduce, thanks in particular to predictive maintenance or the automation of quality control. We will look at the reasons why artificial intelligence is still little deployed in industry.
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In our second episode, we discussed with Emmanuel Vignon how artificial intelligence is a catalyst for transforming the way we work and our interactions with the machine.

If the advent of artificial intelligence in business feeds fears, these are often dystopian, and similar to those that may have been aroused by the use of the first calculators or the first computers. According to the latest surveys, employees seem to underestimate the presence of artificial intelligence in business, because much more than in the form of a humanoid robot taking control over humans, it is by erasing the complexity of certain tasks, and by being forgotten, that it proves to be the most useful. Emmanuel Vignon brings us keys to understanding how to create AI systems that augment human beings and not replace them, particularly in the distribution of tasks entrusted to AI and in the ability of a system to react in the event of an abnormal situation.
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Series of podcasts on AI in business with Emmanuel Vignon, CEO of Sicara

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