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In order to ensure permanent protection of critical infrastructures, Thales and CS GROUP are bringing together companies from the French and European Industrial and Technological Defense Base (BITD) to create a modular deployable Anti-Drone Protection capability (PARADE). The contract, which was the subject of a European call for competition launched by the DGA in 2021, aims to strengthen the anti-drone capabilities made available to the armies.

Over the next 20 years, millions of new drones will circulate in the airspace, creating an extremely complex aviation ecosystem and significant safety challenges. To deal with this constantly evolving threat, the consortium led by Thales and CS GROUP is deploying a scalable system, modular and multi-mission anti-drone fight for the protection of military sites, fixed or projected in external operations. It can also be used by armies to contribute to the event protectionof audience and infrastructure civilians, especially at large gatherings.

Thus, the partnership between Thales, a recognized player in civil and military air operations for more than 40 years, and CS GROUP, an integrator of critical systems in the fight against drones in France, is fully in line with the logic of the specific device missions of aviation security (DPSA) which aim to strengthen the protection of sensitive events. The PARADE system will provide this device with additional detection and response capabilities. As such, PARADE will contribute to the security of two world sporting events which will take place on French territory and for which the fight against drones is a government priority: the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The first order concerns the acquisition of six systems anti-drone PARADE. By integrating French SMEs such as CerbAir, Exavision and MC2 Technologies as well as the Dutch company Robin, the PARADE system provides support for decision-making and understanding of complex situations and will thus be able to neutralize micro-drones and mini-drones. The market also includes operator training, maintenance and upgrades to the system and equipment.

In addition to ensuring a permanent and 360° protection sites where they will be deployed, PARADE systems are also mobile by road, sea or air from one site to another, thus considerably increasing their scope and speed of action.

The first PARADE systems will be delivered to the DGA less than a year after the launch of the program.

As an expert in air supremacy, Thales offers integrated solutions for the protection of airspace, citizens and infrastructure. Drawing on its experience as a systems engineer, its know-how in air defence, cybersecurity and the field of digital architecture, Thales brings high-level added value to this project. A pioneer in the field of anti-drone control with operational projects since 2016 for both civilian and military needs, CS GROUP offers modular, scalable, interoperable and cyber-secure systems around a command and control center integrating artificial intelligence and data fusion to better address an ever-evolving threat.

“In the fight against drones, Thales solutions ensure safety and security at all levels of both military and civilian airspace. The richness of our industrial ecosystem and our partnerships with French SMEs and ETIs are as many opportunities for innovation that contribute to improving the Group’s offer. The grouping between Thales and CS GROUP has made it possible to offer an anti-drone solution that meets the requirements of the DGA and the armed forces in order to ensure the highest level of security for citizens participating in large gatherings. » Thomas Got, Managing Director of Integrated Systems for the Protection of Airspace, Thales.

“CS GROUP has been involved in the fight against drones for more than eight years and ensures an active and permanent technological watch in order to best respond to the evolution of the drone threat and the operational needs related to it, the security of major events to the protection of our soldiers in external operations, including the fight against terrorism. The partnership between CS GROUP and Thales provides an overview of aviation security, from top to bottom of the spectrum, to guarantee at all times the vision of the threat and the best way to respond to it. We are particularly proud that our Group has been selected for the PARADE program, and to thus contribute to the protection of the population during major events. » Marie de Saint Salvy, Deputy Managing Director of CS GROUP.

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Thales and CS GROUP notified by the DGA for the fight against drones in France with PARADE – Theatrum Belli

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