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In the era of digital and digital, one tool stands out among all marketing strategies for companies: the data analytics, also known in the language of Molière under the name analysis of data. A great tool for economic management, its advantages go beyond simple data processing: it also helps in making appropriate decisions, and thus improves the quality of your services or products.

What is data analysis really?

If it appears as an abstract concept, the goal of data analysis is in fact simple: it consists in classifying these data, in order to be able to link them, describe them, extract them with the idea of ​​analyzing them effectively. From this analysis flow information complementary to the data processed, and it is on this new information that certain choices and various marketing or economic strategies of your company will then be based.

Some examples of service providers

If it is possible for you to integrate into your team directly experts in the professions related to data analysis – consultants in IS (information systems), data project manager, Master data manager, Data scientist, and many more – however, you can also call on teams of professionals and external contributors such as ; but it is also possible for you to use the services of an online platform, which will allow your company to better manage its numerous data; here are some examples.

  • Toco Toucan has a simple and intuitive interface: the platform contains a tool Guided Analytics which allows you to answer your questions about numbers and return them in Story Telling mode.
  • Its secure Cloud, its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, simple and simultaneous collaboration with your colleagues or your work team: these are just a few examples of the reasons why we have been awarded QlikSense so many awards and certifications recently – to name a few, the Leader Europe Summer 2022 in Analytics Platform Leader, or the Leader Enterprise Summer 2022 in Business Intelligence Leader.
  • As for DataRobotthis platform attaches particular importance to AI, artificial intelligence: thanks to automated machine learning, you will therefore be provided with various solutions, with results that meet your expectations, and solutions that will be personalized for you – all this in to improve your profits.

Use data analysis to improve your turnover

The main interest of the data analysis market is that it allows you to make better decisions for your business. Thus, analyzing the large amount of data held by companies of various sizes turns out to be a real strategic asset: learn from this data, extract new information from it, and use it wisely.

Several forecasts are formulated by the analysis experts: they are based, among other things, on studies of the competition, and on customer satisfaction. Based on an in-depth analysis of the current situation, of your company as well as of the context which is external to it, it is possible for you to identify the performing aspects or the points to be improved in your company.

This is why data analysis is a key marketing strategy tool: it makes it possible to develop a high-potential business model, and guides you in your choices – by understanding the possible risks, or opportunities available to you. When making important decisions, do not hesitate to use data analysis.

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The challenges of data analysis for large companies – Comptanoo

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