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The only solution on the market dedicated to the inspection of freeze-dried vials in a sterile environment, the Raised Stopper Inspection (RSI) is equipped with a system of high-performance cameras and manages the zone located between the corking and the capping, hitherto uncontrolled. in primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Antares vision group, Italian leader in traceability, product protection, visual inspection, tracking solutions and intelligent data management and located in France in Lyon (69), participated for the 5e consecutive year at Pharmapack, the European pharmaceutical packaging exhibition which took place at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles on May 18 & 19, 2022.

The opportunity for Antares vision group to present on its stand C38 Hall 7.2 the Raised Stopper Inspection, an innovative solution for detecting industrial errors in the clogging of vials in a sterile environment.

RSI reduces the risk of air ingress and contamination

Developed to acclimatize to sterile Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) manufacturing environments, the Raised Stopper Inspection has the following actions:

  1. Detect the space between the neck and the base of the bottle stopper;
  2. Dismiss those whose caps do not fully adhere to the vial collars, such as tilted, misplaced, missing or damaged caps.

The risks of air ingress and contamination are then reduced and in the event of repeated faults, the machine provides immediate feedback to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Raised Stopper Inspection technology is part of Antares vision’s track&trace solutions.

It makes it possible to manage the zone located between corking and capping, hitherto uncontrolled in primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Raised Stopper Inspection lends itself to the development of new vision applications in sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical operations.

Compact (total length of 760 mm) and autonomous, specifically designed for detection in a sterile environment, Raised Stopper Inspection can be integrated into both existing lines and new lines.

RSI is at the service of performance

  • Inspection speed: up to 30 units/min.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of bottles, from 10 to 300 ml, and caps, from 20 to 32 mm.
  • Quick format change: 15 minutes is enough!

Antares vision group: a global presence

The Group is present in more than 60 countries thanks to its complete and flexible solutions, hardware and software, with the associated services.

Antares vision group has 7 production sites in Italy (Brescia, Parma, Piacenza, Latina, Collecchio, Mestrino and Vicenza), 22 foreign subsidiaries (Germany, France [3]United States [7]Latin America [2]United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, India, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Croatia and Serbia), 3 Innovation and Research Centers (Italy) and a global network of more than 40 partners.

Thanks to the twenty years of experience in vision technologies of the two founding partners, the Antares vision Group is the supplier of 10 of the 20 main pharmaceutical industries in the world, with more than 25,000 inspection systems, which guarantee safety and daily product quality, 6,500 quality checks and more than 3,500 serialization modules on lines installed throughout the world.

Antares Vision Group: a strong growth strategy

In order to support the growth and development strategy initiated in 2019, participation agreements have been finalized with T2 software, a Brazilian company specializing in intelligent data management solutions, and Orobix, a company Italian leader in artificial intelligence services, as well as the acquisition of 100% of FT system, leader in control and inspection in the beverage sector.

In 2020, Antares vision group acquired 82.83% of Tradeticity, a Croatian company specializing in traceability management software and serialization processes, 100% of Convel, an Italian company specializing in automated inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry, the strengths of Adents High Tech International, a French company specializing in serialization and traceability software, 100% of Applied Vision, a leader in inspection systems for glass and metal containers in the food industry.

In March 2021, Antares vision group acquired 100% of rfXcel Corporation, specialized in software solutions for digitization and transparency of the supply chain based in the United States, and 100% of Pen-tec and Tecnel, via FT system, a growing specialization in the food and beverage inspection sector. And again recently in September 2021, Antares vision group signed an agreement with the Russian Baikalsea to ensure the traceability of mineral water bottles.

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The Raised Stopper Inspection, a solution for detecting industrial bottle clogging errors in a sterile environment – Controls Tests Measures

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