The three finalists for the Imaginary Horizons Prize are revealed

The three books in the running for the 7and edition of the Prix des Horizons imaginaires were unveiled on May 8, during a literary improvisation show, as part of the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. Chris Bergeron, Fanie Demeule and Charles Quimper are therefore the two authors and the author who are competing for this prize, which will be awarded by college and university students next November.

The members of the jury and our independent booksellers present the three finalist books as follows:

  • Valid by Chris Bergeron (XYZ)
    “A trans woman takes an artificial intelligence system hostage to transmit her life story to it” – Jennyfer Philippe, member of the jury.

    “What the hell is an ‘autobiographical science fiction novel’, you’ll probably say to yourself. Deeply original, this story of a trans journey blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction takes place in a futuristic and liberticidal Montreal. Christine/Christian indeed records what could be described as a confession so that David, an artificial intelligence with autocratic and conservative tendencies, can feed on this “substantial marrow” that is human experience in all its multiplicity. But is it that simple? Is some revolt brewing at the heart of this ultra-secure bubble? We are already waiting for the next projects of this new author with such a unique voice! – Thomas Dupont-Buist, bookseller at Librairie Gallimard.

  • Highlands by Fanie Demeule (Quebec America)
    Highlands - Fanie Demeule“A disturbing foray into the winding detours of the highlands and into the minds of those who venture to travel them” – Marianne Dunberry, member of the jury.

    “Dive into Highlands to skirt unfathomable lakes, climb misty mountains, cross landscapes frozen in time and let yourself be transported into a disturbing atmosphere as Fanie Demeule knows so well. A drifting doctoral student, a mother in search of freedom and a woman fleeing a toxic relationship: these protagonists are desperately trying to free themselves from what is suffocating them, from what is gnawing at them. From chapter to chapter, they tick off the miles through a hostile-looking country, gradually shedding their burden. Three stories that intertwine and skilfully navigate between reality and fiction. A true incursion into the heart of a wild and mysterious Scotland that will surprise you. »
    – Cassandre Sioui, bookseller at the Hannenorak Bookstore.

  • A smell of avalanche by Charles Quimper (Viola)
    A smell of avalanche - Charles Quimper“A tender reading that puts balm in our monotonous lives. – Aurélie Beaulieu-Bouchard, member of the jury.

    “Swarming with sometimes friendly but often unpleasant fellows, riddled with implausible catastrophes, unraveled to the bottom of the panties but tightly woven to the ears, the Saint-Sauveur district is a fascinating theater. There are crippled lovers, back-alley brawlers, dance steps, incendiary dogs, coded messages and a multitude of birds. A smell of avalanche is a vintage photo, a register of eternal loves, a museum of decrepit places, an alley of wild flowers and a jet of sunlight filtered through the old curtains. Bathed in poetry, traversed by great earthquakes and punctuated by tiny miracles, this story reminds us that we must dream. »
    – François-Alexandre Bourbeau, bookseller at the Librairie Liber

The Imaginary Horizons Prize encourages middle school students to enjoy reading through the discovery of curious and inspiring works. Throughout the fall, students read the works, discuss them within the framework of educational activities supervised by the participating establishments and take part in meetings with the authors.

Remember that last year, it was the author Mireille Gagne who won the honors. You can read the winning review – another part of the Prix des Horizons imaginaires – which was precisely about this novel, signed by a participant here.

You are a school and wish to join the ranks of the activities of the Prix des Horizons imaginaires? Registrations are possible from now until September 2022. You just have to follow this link.

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The three finalists for the Imaginary Horizons Prize are revealed

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