What are the most attractive digital jobs?

The digital revolution is constantly changing the job market. According to statistics, more than 8,000,000 jobs should be created by 2030. In terms of attractiveness, some professions can create more jobs than others. And precisely, discover the top 7 of the most attractive digital professions!

The data scientist

The Data scientist is clearly the most attractive profession. This profession consists of managing and exploiting data for the benefit of its customers.

Concretely, he is a specialist in IT, statistics and marketing. Its mission is to analyze and exploit big data (massive data) of a certain profile (customers, prospects, employees of a company, etc.) in order to help its customers in decision-making and in the improvement of marketing strategies.

This digital profession uses not only Data Science techniques, but also Artificial Intelligence. This is to solve a business problem and automate certain operations.

If this job interests you, you must be able to collect and analyze data, build algorithms, create prediction models to anticipate new data trends and perform technology watch.

As training, you must have a Bac + 5 in statistics or have followed a similar training.

The Data Scientist is a business future, because it is found in many sectors of activity such as IT, commerce, finance, etc. Data is everywhere and it is valuable. Many companies want to be able to exploit them for their benefit.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

The AI ​​engineer is also popular on the job market. He is both a researcher and a computer scientist.

Its mission is to analyze the functioning of the human brain on a given problem in order to then design a computer program with the same cognitive abilities as humans.

Artificial Intelligence applications are already everywhere: personal assistance, voice recognition, chatbot, etc. They can cross other technologies such as Data Science, Web Crawling, e-learning and many more.

You must have a Bac +5 or + 6 diploma with a specialization in AI. You should also be comfortable with math and statistics.

Many sectors of activity can recruit you: IT companies (SSII), industrial production, security, armament companies, etc.

The cybersecurity expert

A cybersecurity expert specializes in protection of data and IT systems. He can work in a computer engineering company or as a consultant in a company.

It is one of the most attractive digital professions. As a mission, the cybersecurity expert will first carry out a system diagnosis by identifying its level of vulnerability. He can do intrusion tests before proposing solutions to improve the security of the computer system.

In addition, the cybersecurity expert will also be in charge of protecting the data. Thus, it is capable of handling cryptology, antivirus, passwords, firewalls, etc. In this case, he must work with the IT specialists of the client company.

And finally, it is able to prevent any attempts at fraud, intrusion or theft of information.

Thus, this professional must have solid technical skills in network administration, security standards and system development.

If you are interested in this digital profession, you must have a Bac +5 in an engineering school by choosing a specialization in computer security, information systems security or cryptology. Meeting on just-business.fr to learn more about this job.

The web developer and the mobile developer

The web/mobile developer is also a highly sought-after profile on the job market. It is a job that consists of creating websites, mobile applications or games by setting up lines of computer code (HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc.)

In addition, he may be responsible for ensuring the maintenance and creation of new functionalities of these media. He must collaborate with the project manager who submits a specifications to respect.

During his intervention, the web developer or the mobile web developer can work in close collaboration with designers or graphic artists.

If this profession of the future interests you, you must have solid skills in IT development and a perfect command of operating systems.

After a few years of experience, nothing prevents you from specialize in a specific language (Java developer, Python developer, front-end developer, etc.)

Access to this web job requires a Bac +2 (a BTS or a DUT in computer science) or a bac +5 in computer science.

The web designer

The web designer is also a buoyant profession in which you can consider a career. Its mission is to lay out content for screen media (web, mobile, tablet).

He is able to create visual identity of a website, its mobile version or a mobile app. Depending on the scope of the mission, he can collaborate with a graphic designer, a web developer, a UI/UX Designer.

The web designer is different from the profession of graphic designer by the extent of his mission. The web designer must think not only of the layout, but also of the ergonomics and ease of navigation of a website.

He can work in an agency, as a freelancer or in a client company that has a web project to carry out.

The skills required are perfect mastery of layout software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), artistic sensitivity and knowledge of computer languages ​​(HTML/CSS).

To practice this profession, you can take training in a school of applied arts. You can also learn the trade on the job provided you have a sense of listening, creativity and artistic sensitivity.


The SEM Manager

Today, companies present online may need an SEM Manager to be and remain visible on search engines like Google.

Indeed, Search Engine Marketing is the fact of working on the positioning of a website on search results. This can concern natural referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEA) or referencing on social networks (SMO).

The missions of a SEM Manager therefore consist of defining a positioning strategy, implementing SEO actions, establishing performance reports and detecting new positioning opportunities.

To practice the profession, you must have a increased knowledge of SEO, SEA and SMO. You must also master the various webanalytics tools (Google Analytics, etc.), SEO tools (Google Adwords, Google Search Console, etc.) and tagging tools (Google Tag Manager, etc.)

In general, the SEM Manager is a national of the large schools with a specialization in web marketing. However, this trade can be learned on the job. In this case, you must have at least 2-3 years of experience to substantiate your skills. Specific certifications can also be requested.

The Community Manager

Faced with the growing demands of companies, brands and agencies, the Community Manager is one of the professions of the future on the web.

The Community Manager’s role is to create and federate a community around a common interest close to the activity of a brand, a company or an organization that he represents.

Its mission therefore consists of facilitating exchanges between members of the community, creating content (text, audio, video, etc.), organizing various events (competitions, challenges, etc.)

It can intervene on sites, blogs, forums, social networks, media and many other platforms. It’s a real brand ambassador (or company).

Within the community, he must enforce rules of good conduct. Moreover, his role is also to manage crisis situations experienced by the organization he represents.

As qualities, a Community Manager must have a good knowledge of the web (technical, strategic and editorial level). He is also able to use statistics and audience measurement tools. And finally, he must have a sense of creativity and customer relations.

The Community Manager can work as an employee or freelancer (for one-off projects). This profession is accessible with a Bac +2 in the field of commerce, marketing or journalism.

However, recruiters generally choose a higher skill level (Bac + 3 or Bac + 5). In addition, be aware that today there are specific training courses in community management.

This job is also open to a lower level of education provided you have a good general knowledge and a perfect command of the web.

If you are interested in one of these trades and you have the required skills, you will have every chance of finding employment. These are the most sought-after positions on the web and that is not likely to change by 2030.

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What are the most attractive digital jobs?

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