With the mainUp program, Maincare accelerates the modernization of its hospital software


In order to better meet the current needs of users and anticipate new uses in healthcare establishments, Maincare has developed mainUp, a multi-year program to modernize its solutions. Initially, three solutions that have proven themselves technically and in terms of functional coverage are concerned: M-GAM, M-CrossWay and Copilote.

Olivier BaretsThe mainUp program is in line with the reflection launched in 2020 within the Maincare teams to define the company’s transformation strategy. In a context of restructuring of the hospital map, driven by the reform of regional hospital groups, combined with the desire to open up health establishments to the city and to digitize practices under the impetus of strategic action plans for hospital information systems (Digital Hospital, Hop’en, Digital Ségur, etc.), Maincare has carried out an overhaul of its offer with the compass of customers and their needs. ” They told us about new expectations for our solutions, in terms of hosting health data, mobility, ergonomics, uses, etc. says Olivier Barets, Product Marketing Executive Director. “ We had to respond to them and be a major contributor to hospital information systems “, he adds.

Modernization at the pace of customers

It is in this spirit that the mainUp program was imagined, allowing customers to evolve at their own pace towards modernized solutions. This will be the case, for example, for establishments using M-CrossWay, the publisher’s historical computerized patient record (DPI). They will be able to integrate functionalities from Maincare IC, Maincare’s new generation DPI, at their own pace. ” We wanted our customers to be able to capitalize on the investments they had already made with us “explains Olivier Barets. Thus, an establishment having acquired a license for M-CrossWay will not need to change it for Maincare IC, on the same functional perimeter.
To the technological innovations of the DPI must also be able to be added the usage innovations requested by the users, such as the mobility of health professionals within a GHT or the integration of artificial intelligence solutions.

A program resolutely focused on users

Another founding principle of the mainUp program is co-construction. Through the program, the editor wishes to give a central place to the voice of the users and to allow them to be associated with each phase of development of the new generation solutions. ” As part of the mainUp plan, we are setting up user groups for each of the targeted solutions », illustrates Olivier Barets. In addition to the essential technological developments, Maincare therefore equips its program with new functionalities expected by hospital professionals. This is the case, for example, for M-GAM. The publisher must respond in particular to the future organizations of admission services with a strong challenge of securing and simplifying the processes of the reception-invoicing-collection (AFR) chain. ” We are taking advantage of this phase to bring real efficiency gains to all professionals in the AFR chain and improve the quality of service provided to patients. says the Product Marketing Director.
Franck LehmannFor Franck Lehmann, Executive Director of the Administrative Solutions division of Maincare, this modernization reflects the strategy of bringing users closer together: “ It is by listening to them on the changes to be made to the operation of an existing solution and on the vision they have of their profession in the coming years that we can adapt and anticipate our developments as well as possible.. »

First results in 2023

Eric GARCIAMaincare had already carried out significant modernization work for some of its historic commercial solutions.e M-GEF, dedicated to the economic and financial management of healthcare establishments, or M-RH, for the management of human relations. “With mainUp, the publisher is accelerating its strategy “, reports Éric Garcia, executive director of the e-Health division. ” The first results of this modernization will be visible from 2023 “, announces Olivier Barets, before the end of the first stage which should last two years. Other software will follow. ” MainUp is an ambitious plan with a 360 degree approach to modernizing our entire offer, in order to give visibility to our users “, underlines Éric Garcia

MainUp benefits for users

  • Modern, high-performance and easy-to-use interfaces, like those that we can use on a daily basis in the private sphere;
  • Solutions that are interoperable with the digital ecosystem of an establishment and open to the outside, such as the e-Venue solution which allows patients to make an appointment at the hospital from home and to simplify the administrative steps of their admission ;
  • New features designed for mobile use and meeting the specific needs of different users. This is particularly the case of Copilote. ” Pharmacists, storekeepers and care units can now use the solution on the move », reveals Franck Lehmann;- Modernized solutions robust in terms of security and hosted by Maincare. ” Establishments facing a scarcity of technological resources on Maincare solutions are increasingly asking us to make up for these shortcomings. This implies that our solutions can be hosted with us “says Eric Garcia. The ISO 27001 and health data hosting certifications granted to the publisher on January 4, 2022 guarantee its customers a high level of confidentiality and security of their data. ” Maincare’s strategy is now to go almost exclusively to hosted solutions “says Eric Garcia;
  • New value-creating solutions that save agents time and allow them to focus on higher value-added tasks. “A large part of patient administrative management files can now be processed automatically, with of course quality control to ensure that everything is done properly,” observes Franck Lehmann.

programme mainUP
The mainUP program will provide solutions open to the city such as eVenue, which simplifies the patient journey

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With the mainUp program, Maincare accelerates the modernization of its hospital software

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