L’IA qui dtecte vos motions peut tre utilise mauvais escient et ne doit pas tre accessible tous, d’aprs Microsoft

1655160996 Un ingenieur de Google pense que le chatbot IA LaMDA

Microsoft a annonc mardi son intention d’arrter la vente de la technologie de reconnaissance faciale qui prdit les motions, le sexe ou l’ge d’une personne, et de restreindre l’accs d’autres services d’intelligence artificielle, car elle risque de soumettre des personnes des strotypes, la discrimination ou un refus injuste de services . Dans un billet de … Read more

Inria joins forces with two startups to make cancer data more accessible to researchers

Arkhn and Owkin are collaborating with the institute to advance research and innovation with data from four healthcare institutions. Facilitate access to health data in oncology to advance research and innovation. It is for this purpose that several companies and institutes collaborate. June 20, software company Arkhn announced its partnership with the start-up Owkin specializing … Read more

Make the premium hearing aid accessible

The network of centers dedicated to Ideal Audition hearing aids continues to be deployed in France and Spain to help make hearing aids more accessible. Dan Bettach, hearing care professional and founder of‘Ideal Audition tells us about this approach. Tell us about Ideal Audition’s story? Dan Betach: Ideal Audition was born 10 years ago with … Read more

Technology is “more accessible than ever”, but SMEs and large companies “still need to transform”, experts say. – Benin News

Technology is more accessible than ever but SMEs and large

PARIS, May 17 (Benin News/EP) – SMEs and large Spanish companies are taking important steps in favor of digitalization, and one of the key factors is the following technology is “more accessible than ever”, both because of the cost of the infrastructure and the option of ‘pay as you go’ models. However, these companies “have … Read more

Some useful and accessible resources for everyone to understand artificial intelligence (AI)

Some useful and accessible resources for everyone to understand artificial

AdamAntoine Bello (2018) Frank Logan, a policeman in Silicon Valley, is in charge of a rather special case: a revolutionary artificial intelligence has disappeared from the hermetic room where it was locked up. Called Ada, this computer program was designed to write romance novels. But Ada has other ambitions: she talks, jokes, detects emotions, and … Read more

Born to deaf parents, Thibault Duchemin, the start-up who dreams of a “100% accessible” world

1648984828 Born to deaf parents Thibault Duchemin the start up who dreams

A graduate of Ponts et Chaussées, Thibault Duchemin launched Ava in 2017 with a master’s student in artificial intelligence from Berkeley, Skinner Cheng, himself deaf from birth. AVA The Oscar winners made him jump for joy. “This is the first time in thirty-five years that a deaf person has been rewarded”, applauds Thibault Duchemin, evoking … Read more