Intelligence artificielle vs intelligence superficielle – Actu IA

Que d’encre ne coule chaque semaine pour nous expliquer que l’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas, qu’elle n’est guère intelligente notamment au regard de l’humain qui lui, n’en ayons aucun doute dispose d’une intelligence bien réelle. Pourtant, l’intelligence artificielle est bien présente dans notre vie quotidienne et l’histoire comme l’actualité ne nous apportent pas toujours la preuve … Read more

The Factor Humano 2022 congress analyzes the challenges of the digital age for HR departments – Benin Actu

PARIS, May 12 (Benin News / EP) – Those responsible for the Human resources sector gathered this Thursday in Madrid for a new edition of the Congress Human Factor 2022in which the challenges of the digital age for these departments are analyzed and the most innovative technological tools are presented by their manufacturers, ranging from … Read more

Optimiser le modèle BERT et multiplier la vitesse d’apprentissage par deux avec GroupBERT – Actu IA

Optimiser le modele BERT et multiplier la vitesse dapprentissage par

Aujourd’hui, le modèle BERT est l’un des plus populaires et polyvalents dans le domaine de l’IA. Cependant, le fait qu’il implique des opérations denses signifie que la précision et la flexibilité qui le distinguent ne s’obtiennent qu’en contrepartie de coûts élevés en calcul. En réponse à cela, Graphcore a participé au développement de GroupBERT, un nouveau … Read more

Microsoft presents Microsoft Viva, a platform to optimize the employee experience in hybrid environments – Benin Actu

PARIS, May 12 (Benin News / EP) – Microsoft introduced a solution for companies that promote hybrid working, called Microsoft Vivaa modular platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve the user experience. This is a tool that integrates into another company service, for example. Microsoft Teams, and take advantage of the capabilities of … Read more

The Red Eléctrica group presents to EnerTIC its commitment to the digitization of the sector and the energy transition – Benin Actu

PARIS, May 10. (Benin News / EP) – The CIO of the Red Electrica GroupBassam Al-Zarif, declared the company’s commitment to open innovation, intra-entrepreneurship and collaboration with startups and partners for the development of projects focused on the following themes ecological transition and digital transformationwith the aim of achieving “a more sustainable, fairer and more … Read more

Artificial intelligence: One train can hide another… – Actu IA

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), essentially Machine Learning (AA, or Machine Learning, ML). And yet AA has its roots (among others) in a discipline that is relatively unknown to the general public, but also very often to AI experts: operational research (OR). A renewed interest in … Read more

Human error, outdated software and offensive AI are among the main vulnerabilities in companies – Benin Actu

Human error outdated software and offensive AI are among the

PARIS, April 18 (Benin News / EP) – The website human errorThe use of outdated software and the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) are among the biggest vulnerabilities businesses face in the cybersecurity challenge. Identifying weaknesses is crucial for businesses to preserve and protect their documentation, as cybercriminals develop increasingly sophisticated technologies to steal information. … Read more

Artificial intelligence can improve the diagnosis of diabetes – Benin Actu

Artificial intelligence can improve the diagnosis of diabetes Benin

PARIS, April 6 (Benin News) – Using a fully automated deep learning model based on artificial intelligence (AI), researchers were able to identify early signs of type 2 diabetes in abdominal CT scans, according to a new study published in the journal “Radiology”. Due to the slow onset of symptoms, it is important to diagnose … Read more