Robots Adopt Racist, Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

Robots Adopt Racist Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

According to the first law of robotics proposed by writer Isaac Asimov, a robot cannot injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to injure itself. But in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), experts say there are ways around the wording, making robots racist and/or sexist. The premise comes from a study authored … Read more

Artificial intelligence: 193 countries adopt the first agreement on the ethics of AI (UNESCO)

This historic text sets out common values ​​and principles that will guide the establishment of the legal infrastructure necessary to ensure the healthy development of AI. According to Ms Azoulay, the Recommendation on the ethics of AI sets the first global normative framework “while giving States the responsibility to apply it at their level”. “UNESCO … Read more

Practice. To consume less, E85 enclosures adopt artificial intelligence

1649870623 Practice To consume less E85 enclosures adopt artificial intelligence

To drive with the cheapest fuel in France, Superethanol, there are only two solutions. Buy a compatible new vehicle, as offered by Ford or Land Rover, or invest in a conversion of your petrol vehicle. To convert your petrol car to bioethanol, you will need to buy and have an approved box installed. The liter … Read more