Pfizer supports Israeli CytoReason and signs AI-based research agreement

Pfizer supports Israeli CytoReason and signs AI based research agreement

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is investing $20 million in Israeli company CytoReason, a developer of computational disease models for drug discovery and development, as part of a broader deal worth up to $110 million over the next five years, the companies announced on Tuesday. The agreement builds on an existing multi-year cooperation agreement dating from 2019 … Read more

An AI-based robot for perfect, fast and inexpensive nail polish application

We finally know who was responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) It is the first of its kind: a manicure robot, which uses artificial intelligence technologies and 3D imaging to varnish the user’s nails, evenly and without burrs. Developed by the Clockwork company, which aims to “free people from mundane daily tasks”, this machine can … Read more

Researchers announce new AI-based technology that can create short videos based on single images

Researchers announce new AI based technology that can create short videos

Why it matters: Researchers continue to find new ways to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities as technologies evolve. Earlier this week, Google scientists announced the creation of Transframer, a new framework with the ability to generate short videos based on singular image inputs. The new technology could one day augment traditional rendering solutions, … Read more and the University of Siena launch an AI-based crossword solver

Expertai and the University of Siena launch an AI based crossword

From today, even machines can solve crossword puzzles thanks to WebCrow 2.0, a software developed by the University of Siena in collaboration with (EXAI:IM), a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI ) for natural language processing and understanding (NLP). For more than a century, crossword puzzles have been an intriguing challenge to humans due … Read more

This Israel: Ception unveils new AI-based system to improve heavy equipment safety, productivity and profitability.

This Israel Ception unveils new AI based system to improve heavy

The start-up Acceptance was founded in 2019 by CEO Tal Israel and CTO Yossi Buda, who have worked for nearly 15 years developing advanced driving systems and autonomous vehicle solutions at Israel Aerospace Industries and General Motors. To date, the company has received $7 million in funding, including seed funding from MoreVC and a grant … Read more

Can AI-based voice analysis help identify mental disorders? – News 24 | News in France and abroad

Can AI based voice analysis help identify mental disorders News

This article is part of a limited series on the potential of artificial intelligence to solve everyday problems. Imagine a test as simple and quick as taking your temperature or measuring your blood pressure that could reliably identify an anxiety disorder or predict an impending relapse of depression. Health care providers have many tools to … Read more