Should the transparency and explainability of algorithms be reinforced? -Forbes France

Should the transparency and explainability of algorithms be reinforced Forbes

Having become essential at a time of digitalization of our society, AI arouses as much hope and admiration as concerns. The reason: the performance of the algorithms is privileged to the detriment of their transparency and explainability. This situation creates a certain mistrust or even distrust of consumers and citizens, leading at the same time … Read more

In view of the new regulations on AI, the Cnil is preparing to audit the algorithms

In view of the new regulations on AI the Cnil

Presented in April 2021, the draft European regulation on artificial intelligence foresees that “high risk” systems – such as facial recognition devices – will have to undergo audits in order to be marketed within the single market. . The objective is to verify that they comply with the regulations in force (principle of non-discrimination, respect … Read more

Smart online dating: tests, artificial intelligence, algorithms

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

Would you like to do a little experiment? Go to your smartphone app store and find 3-5 random dating services. We’re willing to bet that the description of most of them will mention clever search algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc. Judging by such descriptions, one can believe that it is worth downloading such an application, and … Read more

Do algorithms know us better than our superiors?

Do algorithms know us better than our superiors

Getty Images/istockphoto/Metamorworks An unprejudiced evaluation of employees, that is what “People Analytics” promises via artificial intelligence. Algorithms would guarantee diversity rather than uniformity, objectivity instead of subjectivity. But does it really work? Aren’t we rather witnessing a form of standardization? This content was published on January 03, 2022 – 10:41 03 January 2022 – 10:41 … Read more

Artificial intelligence in art, 1/2: creative algorithms – Artistikrezo

Artificial intelligence in art 12 creative algorithms Artistikrezo

Art follows technological developments; with the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, artists have started experimenting and finding new ways to create works of art. Over the past decade, AI has created paintings like Rembrandt, distorted portraits like Francis Bacon, written novels and composed music by analyzing what already exists. Famed auction house Christie’s … Read more

China monitors the algorithms of its web giants

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

When the Chinese Internet giant Baidu wants to find and destroy “illegal” information in its various applications, such as Baidu News and Baidu Encyclopedia, it uses an algorithm registered under the number 110108645502804220021. The trading platform Tmall uses the number 330110046572903220011 to determine the order of products displayed in its mobile application based on various … Read more

Machine Learning: the 9 most relevant types of algorithms in business

Machine Learning the 9 most relevant types of algorithms in

For some, the following statement seems obvious: a single algorithm does not answer all the problems. Depending on the type of data and the objectives of your organization, certain models will be more suitable. For example, a linear regression algorithm is easier to train and deploy than others, but it may not be the … Read more

Beijing forces Chinese tech giants to lift the veil on their algorithms

Beijing forces Chinese tech giants to lift the veil on

China’s Cyberspace Administration has unveiled a list detailing how tech giants use algorithms. This list follows the adoption of a law in March to better regulate recommendation algorithms. Beijing is once again raising its voice vis-à-vis its tech giants. After a lull in the spring in the measures taken by the communist regime to whistle … Read more