Elon Musk says Apple ‘threatened to deny’ Twitter on its App Store

Elon Musk says Apple threatened to deny Twitter on its

Elon Musk claims that Apple has “threatened to deny” Twitter on its App Store. Definitely a problem with failing moderation on the platform. Elon Musk took aim at Apple rules AppStore while the Cupertino company would have “threatened to refuse” Twitter on his store. According to the billionaire, the apple brand “doesn’t say why” it … Read more

A library of objects, an App to recognize birds and a Fair that knows no crisis

A library of objects an App to recognize birds and

Hello and welcome to Suisse Good! Christophe Schenk – Journalist RTS info Finding peace and happiness on the internet is now possible, thanks to a team from Kyoto University in Japan, which has developed a BuddhaBot. More precisely, an artificial intelligence nourished by the writings of Buddhist wisdom and available to dialogue with Internet users. … Read more

Alberta app helps ranchers with artificial intelligence

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

This technological tool allows Ashley Perepelkin to save precious time. The mother of four children, the breeder takes care of 160 cows for calving on her ranch located southwest of Edmonton. Ashley Perepelkin must assume this heavy task alone, because her husband, the co-owner of Perepelkin Farmstakes care of the grain and works full time … Read more

Mobile app recognizes COVID-19 infection by voice

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

Artificial intelligence at the service of health, and more specifically for the detection of diseases, is a booming field. Proof that this field of research is expanding, a team of researchers led by the University of Maastricht had the idea of ​​using it to detect COVID-19 infection via voice screening through the use of a … Read more

The financial services group Meilleurtaux launches an app to spend less

Huawei Meets With DWTC GM To Discuss GITEX

11:45 a.m., September 11, 2022 It is the pioneer of fintechs, these start-ups specializing in financial services. Created in 1999 to simplify the universe of products intended for the general public – in particular mortgages – by means of online comparators, Meilleurtaux.com has gradually diversified. Now renamed Groupe Meilleurtaux, the company employs 2,000 people and … Read more

Messaging app Signal Hires Former Google Organizer Meredith Whittaker

These health professionals launched their start up

Comment this story Comment Signal hired Meredith Whittaker, a former Google manager who spoke openly about the misdeeds of Big Tech, as its first president, adding to the list of tech critics leading the encrypted messaging app. – Advertising – In the crowded messaging app market, Signal stands out. It is committed to security in … Read more

What it means to be an “AI first” company in a Super App

What it means to be an AI first company in

The Careem app, the pioneer of ride-hailing in the Middle East, uses AI technology with 400 engineers and developers to make people’s lives easier. Careem, which means “to be generous” in Arabic, started in Dubai as a popular ridesharing app in 2012 and has grown into a full-fledged platform and super app that is spreading … Read more