How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

How Bondzai invents a new approach to AI

Unconvinced by current approaches to artificial intelligence (AI), Alain Fanet, serial entrepreneur since the 1990s, decided to investigate the next emerging wave of smart objects (AioT). His meeting in 2019 with the professor of applied and industrial mathematics Bijan Mohammadi, who has just developed an algorithm for deep learningwill be decisive: together, they decide to … Read more

Artificial intelligence approach may help identify melanoma survivors who face high risk of cancer recurrence – CNET

Most deaths from melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – occur in patients who were initially diagnosed with melanoma at an early stage and then later experienced a recurrence that usually goes undetected. as long as it has not spread or metastasized. A team led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) recently … Read more

Engineering Techniques supports manufacturers and R&D in their approach to energy sobriety | Engineering Techniques

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

Discover reference articles in free access, on an exceptional basis, in order to give manufacturers ideas for more energy-efficient factories, with less expensive production for better competitiveness. Faced with the increase in energy prices, the risks of gas supply and electricity cuts, companies are asked to draw up an energy sobriety plan, with the aim … Read more

Security – Sensivic, the Orleans company behind an abnormal sound detector, in the starting blocks as the Paris Olympics approach

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will they allow Sensitive to win new markets? That’s all the start-up hopes for, hosted at Lab’O Village by CAin Orleans. The company, created in 2015, invented an abnormal sound detector – “gunshot, explosion, accident, broken glass, break-in by drilling or cutting, vandalism, cry of panic, incivility and … Read more

Focus on the UJM and University of Ottawa project: “Towards a Franco-Canadian approach to the regulation of artificial intelligence”

Jean Monnet University (UJM) and the University of Ottawa have been collaborating for several years. A team of researchers from CERCRID (Centre for Critical Research on Law), at the UJM, recently initiated a scientific cooperation with the Center for Research in Law, Technology and Society of the University of Ottawa within the framework of an … Read more

Giuseppe BRIZIO, QUALYS: the approach to cybersecurity must be based on the analysis of risks and impacts in the event of successful cyberattacks

Giuseppe BRIZIO QUALYS the approach to cybersecurity must be based

Giuseppe BRIZIO, QUALYS: the approach to cybersecurity must be based on the analysis of risks and impacts in the event of successful cyberattacks On the occasion of FIC 2022, Qualys will present the evolutions of its platform with, in particular, its Multi-Vector EDR 2.0 offer. This feature is dedicated to quickly assess the surface of … Read more

Interview with Colin de la Higuera “Open education does not stop at open educational resources, it is a global approach”

Interview with Colin de la Higuera Open education does not

Colin de la Higuera is a professor of computer science at Nantes University and at the Nantes Digital Sciences Laboratory (LS2N). A researcher in the field of automatic learning (or Machine Learning), he collaborates with researchers around the world. He is also one of the ambassadors of open education in France and abroad. He is … Read more

Deep learning: Johns Hopkins University researchers present a new approach for predicting heart attacks due to cardiac arrhythmia

The applications of artificial intelligence in the field of health are numerous, the prevention of heart attacks is in particular at the heart of much research. A team from Johns Hopkins University proposes a new approach to deep learning which combines neural networks and survival analysis to predict a person’s likelihood of having a heart … Read more

How Should A Newbie Approach Web3, Blockchain Technology And Crypto Jobs? – Tech Tribune France

Web3, blockchain and crypto have become comprehensive terms and have captured the attention of the world with their amazing benefits and gains. This popularity has also resulted in many jobs in these fields. Market growth With an exponentially booming technology market, web3, blockchain, and crypto are expected to continue to grow and grow. According to … Read more

Implement a customer-centric approach

Implement a customer centric approach

Financial institutions need to better understand customer behavior and sentiment. With businesses around the world having been forced to transform overnight from the onset of the pandemic, the service and satisfaction of customers of banks and financial services institutions have become the new battleground for them. Today’s customers expect organizations to understand their growing needs … Read more