Between science and art, eco-acoustics: “Animals are not musicians but they can become so to our ears”

Between science and art eco acoustics Animals are not musicians but When exactly did we start recording the sounds of nature? Jérôme Sueur: It started during the Second World War, more or less. At first, it was mainly marine, because we were trying to understand the sounds we heard under the sea – and which potentially corresponded to enemy submarines. What followed was shaped by … Read more

Who is Loab, the ghost that haunts the artificial intelligence born to create works of art

Who is Loab the ghost that haunts the artificial intelligence

The Supercomposite artist discovered the image of the woman, which he called Loab, using a technique to explore the mechanisms of artificial intelligence. It sounds like a horror story. It starts with Marlon Brando and ends with some more questions about artificial intelligence. The protagonist is Loab. He has dark hair, a worn face, eyes … Read more

The doors of the day, the exhibition of the winners of the 1% art market prize Cognacq-Jay Museum Cognacq-Jay Museum Saturday October 1, 2022

The doors of the day the exhibition of the winners

The doors of the day, the exhibition of the winners of the 1% art market prize Musée Cognacq-Jay, October 1, 2022, Paris. From Saturday 01 October 2022 to Sunday 23 October 2022: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayfrom 10 a.m. to 6 p.m..The Orangery of the Carnavalet museum and the garden of the Cognacq-Jay museum … Read more

Art and AI: the world’s first novel with robot-generated illustrations – BeinCrypto

Art and AI the worlds first novel with robot generated illustrations

AI art has been in the news lately for beating humans in an art contest. This sparked a storm of conflicting opinions in the arts community. Now the battle has taken a new turn. A graphic novel featuring artwork generated by artificial intelligence was just released a few days ago. An illustrated novel containing hypnotic … Read more

Is it really art? Getty Images bans AI-generated works

Comment lapprentissage automatique peut accelerer les solutions aux defis de

Getty Images, one of the largest online image banks in the world, will ban images generated by artificial intelligence. The site indeed fears copyright violations. Getty Images director Craig Peters communicated the ban to tech site The Verge. Getty Images is a vast repository of press photos, archival images and digital artwork used by media … Read more

“Those who want to make a living from their art shouldn’t have to live in a hysterical market”: focus on the Oxia Palus art project – BeinCrypto

Those who want to make a living from their art

BeinCrypto had the opportunity to meet the group of artists Oxia Palus during the Focus Art Fair event, which took place at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from September 1 to 4. The first collection of NFTs from this group was to save unknown paintings by famous painters. We all know that throughout history … Read more

What is “prompt art”, this artistic revolution that uses artificial intelligence?

These health professionals launched their start up

Picture Any Picture: Sean Connery in drag queenthe storming of the Bastille filmed by a gopro, the Vikings invading New York… All you have to do is type these few words into a search engine, and the image is generated in an instant before your eyes, thanks to an intelligence new kind of artificial. Valentin … Read more

NFTs are dead, long live crypto-art! – The Daily Art

NFTs are dead long live crypto art The Daily Art

While the NFT market is in decline, crypto art players continue to believe in it, and decline the creative possibilities. Between the fall in cryptocurrency prices, the drop in the volume of sales of platforms like OpenSea (which have lost more than 90% compared to their highs of a few months ago), and the countless … Read more