Quack for Galactica, Meta’s AI trained to read scientific articles – CNET France

Quack for Galactica Metas AI trained to read scientific articles

In the first year of the pandemic, more than 100,000 scientific articles were published about Covid-19. An unprecedented effort that produced an unprecedented amount of information. It would have been impossible for a human being to read and understand each of these studies. In theory, Galactica would be able to. It is artificial intelligence developed … Read more

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? The 3 best articles on RPA – IT SOCIAL

What is RPA Robotic Process Automation The 3 best articles

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is based on the use of processing rules via artificial intelligence, to replace repetitive human tasks with low added value. What is the role of RPA? RPA software complements ERP, CRM and other software to add automation functions simply and quickly. It is used in sectors of activity such as the … Read more