Tax audit: have the new tools developed by Bercy to track fraudsters been proven?

Cross-referencing of information, aspiration of data from social networks, detection of undeclared swimming pools… the tax administration relies on artificial intelligence to guide its controls. But where are his experiments launched for 2 years? The General Directorate of Public Finance is carrying out several projects at the same time to detect fraud and target controls … Read more

How to deal with a tax audit? – The Business Journal

According to the figures communicated by the Ministry of the Economy, the year 2021 is presented as the year of resumption of tax audits since the fight against tax evasion has not only returned to its pre-health crisis level, but is approaching the high results obtained in 2019. 13.4 billion euros were, in fact, notified … Read more

Does the future of companies go through the Data Quality audit?

Does the future of companies go through the Data Quality

The business world has changed a lot with the arrival of digital technology. Many have already made the transition, but have they really succeeded? Indeed, computerization has led to a multiplication of data. However, if these are not stored or shared correctly, they will not be valued. Today, there are professionals whose job is to … Read more